S Band


[Video] Samsung’s Activity Tracker (S Band) unveiled in Germany, priced at €80

We recently leaked information on Samsung's second-generation S Band, and it seems the company has quietly showcased the device at an event in Germany without any sort of press release or announcement accompanying it. Samsung is calling its…


This is Samsung’s new S Band fitness tracker

Samsung's original S Band, announced as an accessory for the Galaxy S4, never made it to market, but that hasn't stopped the company from working on a successor to the S Band, which will be released a fitness accessory for the Galaxy S5 and…


Samsung’s S Circle surfaces at FCC, looks to be another wearable fitness tracker

The Gear Fit is pretty much the nicest wearable fitness tracker we've laid our eyes on, but it looks like Samsung isn't going to be resting on its laurels and is working on yet another fitness tracker, called the S Circle. The S Circle has…



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