PayPal app on Play Store updated with fingerprint support for Samsung devices

One of the best features of the fingerprint sensor found on recent Samsung devices is its ability to let users authenticate PayPal payments with a simple swipe. PayPal officially tied up with Samsung to integrate support for the fingerpri…


PayPal’s relationship with Samsung might have kept it away from Apple Pay

Last month Apple announced its new payments service called Apple Pay. Many were surprised to note that PayPal was nowhere to be seen, even though it had been rumored initially that both Apple and PayPal were in talks regarding a payments s…


PayPal app released for Samsung Gear 2

PayPal has finally released their official app for the Gear 2 (and the Gear 2 Neo.) The app was originally announced during the launch of the Gear 2 at Mobile World Congress earlier this year. It can be used to manage PayPal payments and re…


Verizon Galaxy S5 owners can get PayPal fingerprint authentication unofficially

Using the fingerprint sensor for PayPal payments was one of the headlining features of the Galaxy S5, but it was revealed that Verizon has disabled the feature on its variant of the handset. However, as with most such limitations imposed by…


PayPal announces fingerprint-based payment support for Galaxy S5, dedicated apps for Gear 2

Being able to use the fingerprint scanner on the Galaxy S5 to make PayPal payments is one of the handset's most useful functions, and today, PayPal has announced that their fingerprint-based authentication system has gone live in 25 countr…


Galaxy S5 is first smartphone to support PayPal payments in stores and online using a fingerprint

One of the most touted features of the Galaxy S5 is its fingerprint scanner, and the ability to use it for making PayPal payments, something which we exclusively confirmed before the device was officially announced. According to MIT's Tech…


Galaxy S5 fingerprint sensor lets you authenticate PayPal purchases

One of the new features Samsung introduced with the Galaxy S5 is a fingerprint sensor. At the launch event, Samsung announced that the fingerprint scanner can be used for much more than unlocking the device, and that they would be working w…

gear_2 featured

PayPal app on the Gear 2 features check-in to pay functionality

PayPal uploaded a video to their YouTube page that showcases functionality offered by the PayPal app on the Gear 2 and Gear 2 Neo. Samsung announced at the launch of the smartwatches that focus will be on providing additional functionality,…




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