Samsung seeks court declaration for its right to terminate patent-licensing agreement with Microsoft

Microsoft had announced through a blog post back in August that it was filing a legal complaint against Samsung because the Korean giant had allegedly violated a patent-licensing agreement between the two companies that was signed back in 2…


New patent reveals Samsung’s foldable smartphone display

Display technology has rapidly progressed over the past couple of years. Just last year companies like Samsung and LG released devices with curved displays which some viewed as a teaser of what's to come in the future. The US Patent and T…


Microsoft and Samsung in talks to end patent-licensing dispute

Earlier this month Microsoft announced through a post on its official blog that it has filed a legal complaint against Samsung for violating a patent-licensing contract signed back in 2011. Redmond alleged that Samsung failed to make a rec…


Samsung scores as USPTO declares patent used by Apple in recent trial invalid

Recently Apple and Samsung released a joint statement informing that they will be dropping all lawsuits against each other in various countries around the world, except the US. Their patent battles will continue Stateside and for the time…



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