Samsung patents solution to migrate homescreen layout from phone to phone

How often have you wished to have the ability to migrate your homescreen layout from one Android phone to another? Although some third party launchers allow a functionality that's remotely close to this, no service really offers a foolproof…


Samsung registers three new patents, including one for a wireless charger

In a bid to keep their innovations to themselves, companies often patent designs and technologies even though they're aware actual implementation is a long-shot from where they stand. Apple's infamous for the same; the company is often acc…


Lawsuit against Samsung to be dropped as RPX set to buy 4,000 patents from the Rockstar Consortium

After US ITC decided to investigate Nvidia after Samsung's complaint regarding an alleged patent infringement, the South Korean consumer electronics giant seems to be getting one more good news. RPX has announced that it will buy the remain…


US ITC will investigate Nvidia after a complaint by Samsung

The US ITC (United States International Trade Agency) will start investigating Nvidia after Samsung filed complaints last month stating that the US-based GPU giant has infringed upon some of its patents covering graphics chip technology. S…


Patent wars continue; Samsung’s appeal against $930M damages to Apple begins today

Apple have a history of gathering patents for various design and UI elements. That often doesn't go well with the other biggie in the smartphone market, i.e., Samsung. Although the companies have a thriving relationship with regards to manu…


Samsung seeks arbitration against Microsoft in Hong Kong

Samsung has initiated an arbitration proceeding against Microsoft in Hong Kong on Tuesday regarding the patent royalty dispute. Samsung has asked the International Court of Arbitration in Hong Kong “to resolve a dispute concerning the c…


New Patents hint at Samsung’s take on flexible displays

Samsung has been working on flexible displays for quite some time and though 2015 is the year when Samsung is expected to show a real flexible display-equipped device, Patent Bolt has uncovered some of the patents filed by the Korean giant,…


Samsung patents curved display designed smartphone and next gen Galaxy camera

Samsung is going to bring new shaped products to the market. According to patentbolt Samsung tried to get patents on a flexible display and on some new design points. As you may notice below is one of the patents a device with a curved disp…




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