Samsung Display shows off improved OLED TV display technology

Samsung has continued to show its dedication to improving its OLED TVs, with plans to bring out cost-effective OLED TVs in the next two to three years. At the SID-2014 event, Samsung Display showed off a new OLED display technology that aim…


Galaxy S5’s display pixel structure is more efficient to that of the Galaxy S4

Both the Galaxy S4 and the Galaxy S5 use a Super AMOLED display, but it looks like Samsung’s display division utilized a different form of sub-pixel structure on the Galaxy S5. In the Galaxy S4, the red and blue sub-pixels are rectangular…


Samsung buys German OLED company Novaled AG

Over a week after rumors indicated that Samsung may be interested in buying German-based OLED company Novaled, the Korean manufacturer has officially confirmed that it will be acquiring a 90 percent stake in Novaled for 311 billion won ($27…


Samsung is finally shipping curved OLED TV to US

Samsung is finally bringing 55' curved OLED TV to US, after unveiling it back in January at Consumer Electronic Show. The TV will support multi-view (where two persons can watch two different 2D programs using 3D glasses) and it's also com…



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