Round 2014 – Samsung vs. Nokia

Just a few years back, Nokia was a word synonymous with mobile phones. Prior to 2012, for more than a decade, Nokia was the undisputed leader in the mobile market by a huge margin. During this period, Nokia’s dominance of the world mobile…


Can Samsung retain its Championship in the smartphone market?

The world has witnessed tremendous growth in the field of mobile technology in the last five years or so. These years may have very well written and rewritten the rules of the mobile industry for the foreseeable future. While five years may…


Samsung and Nokia reign supreme in J.D Power’s feature phone Customer Satisfaction survey

Samsung already has a substantial lead in the smartphone market, and according to J.D Power's latest survey, the company's feature phones also sit right at the top in terms of consumer satisfaction, a position it shares with Nokia. The sur…


Nokia HERE supports Tizen OS

HERE is a Nokia solution that powers Maps and location-enabled services on Nokia and other smartphones. HERE today confirmed their support for Samsung and Intel's Tizen OS at the Tizen Developer Summit in Korea. Tamer Nassif from HERE held…


Samsung extends patent licensing agreement with Nokia for five years

Android might be free, but when a manufacturer wants to make an Android phone, it has to pay the price of a few patents that companies like Microsoft and Nokia have held for a few years; when you don't pay that price officially, you get sue…


Nokia mocks Samsung and Android KitKat

There's a saying that goes like "people who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones at other people houses" but it seems like Nokia did throw a big stone with the latest image published on their German subsidiary Twitter account. Nokia…


Samsung, Facebook, and others join forces to lower barriers to internet access

In this connected world, there's still around 5 billion people who do not have internet access. As saturation arrives in already connected markets, these unconnected people are who technology companies will focus on next to keep their busin…



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