Milk Music


Milk Music now works on the Galaxy Tab 4 and across some more Note tablets

Milk Music is Samsung's own take on media streaming. One would expect such a service to work across all Samsung devices, but for some reason we cannot fathom, that isn't really the case. Nonetheless, the service will now work on a few more…


Samsung sued for using the word ‘Milk’ for its streaming services

Samsung just can't seem to catch a break from all the lawsuits that keep coming its way. The company is facing a legal battle against Nvidia over patent infringement in the U.S., and now, it has been courted in a new lawsuit by Milk Studios…


Milk Video launched, will make it easier to find viral videos on Samsung devices

Less than a year ago Samsung jumped into the world of music streaming by launching the oddly named service Milk Music. Today its expanding Milk's presence over to video. The aptly named Milk Video has been announced today. its a new service…


Samsung brings its Milk Music streaming service to South Korea

Earlier this year, Samsung launched a new music streaming service called Milk Music to take on the streaming industry, but unlike most its product launches, Milk Music wasn't available in the company's home country. It looks like Samsung ha…


Milk Music Premium arrives, offers unlimited skips – and then some

Shortly following its launch in March of this year, Samsung's music streaming app began attracting reports that a paid subscription would soon be integrated into the project. With its most recent update, this option is now available. For th…


Samsung’s Milk Music service now available for select tablets

Samsung launched the new Milk Music streaming service earlier this year for users of its devices, and along with the fact that it was (and still is) exclusive to consumers in the US, Samsung also disappointed by offering the Milk Music app…


Samsung to kill Music Hub service on July 1, will likely replace it with Milk Music

We recently reported that the Samsung Hub service would be going away from the company's devices, but it seems like rather than going away for good, it will be replaced by newer services, starting with Music Hub. Samsung is sending out emai…


Samsung may offer a common platform for all consumer devices in the future

In an interview with the Wall Street Journal, Samsung’s president of Media Solutions Center Wonpyo Hong announced that the manufacturer will be more active in mergers and acquisitions. He stated that location-based services are of an inte…




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