Report: Samsung eager to launch low-end Windows Phone 8.1 phones

Samsung has dipped its toes in the Windows Phone market time and time again since the OS was launched back in 2010, and according to a report from The Korea Times, the Korean manufacturer is eager to launch more handsets running on Windows…


U.S. court rejects Samsung’s plea against Microsoft patent-related lawsuit

Samsung won't be able to delay the proceedings in a lawsuit filed against it by Microsoft in New York, U.S. District Judge Jed Rakoff has confirmed. Microsoft's lawsuit against the Korean manufacturer accused it of not paying royalty payme…


Samsung seeks court declaration for its right to terminate patent-licensing agreement with Microsoft

Microsoft had announced through a blog post back in August that it was filing a legal complaint against Samsung because the Korean giant had allegedly violated a patent-licensing agreement between the two companies that was signed back in 2…


Samsung seeks arbitration against Microsoft in Hong Kong

Samsung has initiated an arbitration proceeding against Microsoft in Hong Kong on Tuesday regarding the patent royalty dispute. Samsung has asked the International Court of Arbitration in Hong Kong “to resolve a dispute concerning the c…


Microsoft and Samsung in talks to end patent-licensing dispute

Earlier this month Microsoft announced through a post on its official blog that it has filed a legal complaint against Samsung for violating a patent-licensing contract signed back in 2011. Redmond alleged that Samsung failed to make a rec…


Rumor: Microsoft will offer $1 billion to Samsung for making Windows Phone devices

Samsung is the last company that needs another company's money to do something, but Microsoft is willing to offer up to $1 billion in support to the Korean manufacturer anyway, in a bid to lure them towards making more Windows Phone devices…


Apple, Microsoft-owned Rockstar Consortium sues Samsung and other Android manufacturers

The patent wars shall never end it seems. Reuters reports that the Rockstar Consortium, an organization formed to negotiate licensing for patents acquired from bankrupt Nortel and jointly owned by Apple, Microsoft, BlackBerry, Ericsson, S…


Galaxy Tab 2014 Edition with Android and Windows RT dual-booting in the works?

Microsoft hasn't been too successful in driving adoption of Windows Phone and Windows RT in face of competition from Android and iOS, and recent rumors suggested the Redmond company had gone into damage control mode and asked HTC to give co…




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