President Obama could soon be using a Samsung phone

BlackBerry's most important stronghold is being threatened it seems, as word has got out that the White House could be testing smartphones from Samsung and LG for internal use. According to The Wall Street Journal, the White House's intern…


Round 2014 – Samsung vs. LG

It’s the story of twins where one went on to become extremely successful, while the other one struggling hard to make a name for itself. It may not have the twists and turns of the average Bollywood movie, but it does have moments which m…


Samsung, Qualcomm and others join hands on ‘Rezence’, a resonance wireless charging standard

In the middle of October, a rumor emerged suggesting Samsung was working on introducing magnetic resonance wireless charging in its phones in 2014, and now it looks like the company has taken a step towards achieving that goal. The Alliance…


Samsung and LG take the competition to China

Samsung and LG have always been competing against each other in their home country, South Korea, and the fact that both companies released a smartphone with a curved display around the same time shows the extent of that competition. Now, th…

LG launches 7-inch Samsung tablet called Homeboy in Korea. Wait, what?

Now this is interesting. LG has launched a 7-inch tablet called the Homeboy in South Korea, a tablet made by, well, Samsung. Now before you go wondering how in the seven hells that is possible, it's to be noted that LG is also a wireless o…



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