Patent wars continue; Samsung’s appeal against $930M damages to Apple begins today

Apple have a history of gathering patents for various design and UI elements. That often doesn't go well with the other biggie in the smartphone market, i.e., Samsung. Although the companies have a thriving relationship with regards to manu…


Dutch court upholds sales ban against Samsung products

A new development happened in the Netherlands Court yesterday as the court upheld the previous decision of banning certain Samsung products that infringed Apple's "bounce back" patent. Some of the infringed products include Samsung's origin…

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Report: Samsung and Apple in settlement talks again

The legal battle between Samsung and Apple could come to an end, according to a report by Korea Times. The Korean publication cites "people directly involved in the matter" and claims that both Samsung and Apple have resumed talks to settle…


Apple wins patent ruling in Japan

Samsung suffered a blow in the Tokyo District Court earlier today as Judge Koji Hasegawa ruled that Apple didn’t infringe Samsung owned patent. Samsung alleged Apple’s devices like iPhone 4s, iPhone 4 and iPad 2 to infringe on the data…


Judge rules Samsung infringes a patent, invalidates the other before trial

Samsung received a double blow in the US court this week as Judge Lucy Koh ruled Samsung to infringe an Apple patent and invalidated Samsung’s claim of Apple infringing one. The patents in question are the Apple owned autocomplete patent,…


Jury awards $290 million towards damages to Apple in case retrial

The jury has given their verdict in the partial retrial of the Apple vs Samsung case. After being awarded a hefty sum of $1.05 billion in damages to Apple, judge Lucy Koh reduced the damages by $450.5 million as she considered the number to…


Apple wants to impose sanctions on Samsung over leaked agreement

Apple and Samsung have been battling out in the court over patent infringements for couple of years now but the companies argued yesterday in the San Jose court over leaked patent licensing agreements. The story so far is that Apple handed…


Apple could add more Samsung products in the U.S. import ban

Import ban on some Samsung products went into effect early this month and now FOSS Patents has spotted a new filing that claims Apple to have appealed on the final decision of the ITC case. The Notice of Appeals and Petition for Review was…




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