Samsung responds to claims of KNOX vulnerability, says there’s nothing to worry about

A few security researchers recently came out with a claim that Samsung's KNOX is susceptible to a hack that allows a malicious being to monitor data communications and access emails, and given the fact that KNOX is supposed to be a secure e…


‘Serious vulnerability’ discovered in Samsung KNOX

Samsung's push into the business market has been spearheaded by its KNOX security suite, but a vulnerability discovered in KNOX by Israeli researchers might be cause for concern. Researchers from Israel's Ben Gurion University of the Negev…


Samsung having a tough time in enterprise market, opens R&D center in Canada to fix it

The consumer market is firmly under Samsung's grasp, but despite strong focus on enterprise solutions, the Korean manufacturer is finding it hard to attract enterprise customers, according to a report by The Wall Street Journal. The biggest…


Samsung launches KNOX partner program

Samsung has been pushing its KNOX security suite pretty strongly since it was introduced back in early 2013, and now the company has announced that it has launched a program that will allow resellers, carriers and others to partner with Sam…


Bell to be first carrier to integrate Samsung’s KNOX for business customers

Samsung has made a lot of noise about its KNOX security suite for businesses and consumers alike, and now Canadian carrier Bell has become the first carrier to integrate KNOX security into its backend infrastructure for business customers.…


Samsung Galaxy S4 update rolling out, seems to prep the device for use with KNOX

Samsung recently announced that its KNOX security suite would be opened for use to all consumers instead of those in enterprise. Samsung now seems to be in the process of getting things ready to reach that goal, as a new update is rolling o…


Samsung KNOX security platform to be commercially available soon

Samsung has announced that its KNOX security solution, which was recently approved by the US Department of Defense, will soon be available for all consumers instead of just enterprises, following an announcement that the Lookout antivirus…


Samsung to bring antivirus to Knox users

Despite efforts from Google to safeguard Android users from malware, some hackers time and again find a loophole to exploit. This is one of the reasons why you'll find so many antivirus and anti malware solutions in the Google Play Store. S…




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