Knox 2.0


US government approves KNOX-enabled Galaxy devices for classified use

The US government has approved KNOX-enabled smartphones to be used for classified use. National Information Assurance Partnership (NIAP), an IT product evaluator for NSA, has approved various Samsung devices on its Commercial Solutions fo…


US Department of Defence approves Samsung KNOX software suite

Blackberry had a stronghold in the enterprise market due to its solid encryption and data security features. But since its fall, a lot of companies are trying to become the next Blackberry of the enterprise market. Samsung has just announc…


UK government gives the go-ahead for Samsung KNOX

Samsung's plans to make KNOX the de facto security solution for governments and enterprises around the world have taken a giant leap forward today, as the UK government has officially declared that KNOX-enabled devices can be used by employ…


Samsung releases KNOX 2.0, starts with Galaxy S5

Samsung has announced the availability of its KNOX 2.0 platform for Samsung devices, starting with the Galaxy S5. The KNOX 2.0 has evolved from a core security platform and an app container - now known as the KNOX Workspace - to an end-to-e…


Samsung devices take the lead in Android enterprise usage

Samsung devices account for more than half the devices that are used in the Android enterprise segment, according to a survey done by Fiberlink, a mobile device management organization owned by IBM.  Fiberlink retrieved device information…


Samsung Knox 2.0 leverages Galaxy S5 features for better security

At the Mobile World Congress, Samsung unveiled the next version of its enterprise security client, Samsung Knox 2.0.  The utility will be available to all Samsung devices that run Android 4.4 KitKat, but comes with a set of features that a…



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