Carriers reportedly push Samsung devices far more on customers than the iPhone

Imagine you want to purchase a new smartphone. You walk into your carrier's store without having given much thought to exactly what you want because you'd rather just ask the good people at the store for a recommendation. According to new r…


Latest Samsung Galaxy S5 ad brands iPhone users as ‘wall huggers’

Samsung's first Apple-bashing advertisements were aired back in 2012 when the company poked fun at iPhone fans for waiting in lines while "the next big thing" had already been released, referring to the 2012 flagship Samsung Galaxy S3. Sinc…

Samsung MWC

Opinion: Apple’s patent lawsuit against Samsung doesn’t have the potential to change a thing

Tomorrow (Tuesday) the jury will begin its deliberations following the Apple v. Samsung patent infringement trial in San Jose, California. Juries in U.S. patent cases are unpredictable because laypeople rarely figure out the complex technic…


Opinion: Samsung’s Galaxy Note is the iPhone of the Android world

People love the iPhone. That's pretty much a fact in this day and age, a time when countless consumers swear by Apple's flagship phone and cannot think of using any other smartphone, with many making a habit of queuing up and camping outsid…


Samsung official says mocking Apple fanboys was “a tipping point” for the company

Some of the best advertising for smartphones has come from Samsung in recent memory, especially the ones in which the Korean manufacturer makes fun of all the Apple fans that stand in line to get a new iPhone, without ever looking at the al…


Obama administration vetoes ITC ban on iPhone and iPads

President Obama and his administration has vetoed a ban imposed on the iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPad 3G and iPad 2 3G by the ITC, a ban that would have gone into effect on August 5 but was vetoed just before its 60-day review period ended, wi…


Apple losing market share among non-english speakers (Apple vs Samsung)

RIYADH, Saudi Arabia, February 7, 2013 (BUZZFUTURE)  As the smartphone wars continue between Samsung and Apple, new research not only shows that Samsung is significantly outnumbering Apple in followers, but that language plays an important…



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