iPhone 5S


Report: Galaxy S5 announced early to hide lack of innovation, counter iPhone 5s

The Galaxy S5 didn't get a dedicated event for its announcement unlike the Galaxy S III and S4, and many had wondered what reasons Samsung had to announce its newest flagship earlier than usual. Now, a report from Business Korea is citing…


Samsung Galaxy S III beats iPhone 5s and 5c in touch accuracy

A recent study found that Apple's new iPhone 5s and 5c beat all other smartphones in existence when it comes to touch response time - however, when it comes to touch accuracy, both of Apple's new iPhones fell behind the Galaxy S III, Samsun…


Galaxy Note 3 had a fingerprint scanner in early stages of development

When evidence was found in a few system files from the Galaxy S3 that Samsung was looking towards putting a fingerprint scanner on its upcoming devices, many expected the Galaxy Note 3 to be the first device to have one. However, that didn'…


Samsung builds Apple’s new iPhone processor. Again.

One of the most talked about feature of the new iPhone 5s that Apple recently announced was its A7 chipset, which, apart from offering almost 2x faster performance over the A6 in the iPhone 5, is also the first mobile processor to be 64-bi…


Samsung’s “next smartphones” to have 64-bit processors, because Apple has one in the new iPhone

No one could ever have expected this, but it looks like the next technological race in smartphones is going to revolve around creating smartphone processors that are capable of 64-bit processing, as Apple unveiled its new iPhone 5s and tout…



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