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New Galaxy Device with new Exynos, Intel LTE and QHD screen confirmed (Codename KQ)

Samsung’s Galaxy S5 has been released for several weeks now, and since then we are now able to paint a better picture of what Samsung’s plans for future devices might be. Several months ago, rumours were flowing abound about how Samsung…

TIZEN 3.0 UI Indonesia (3)

First Tizen devices will be shown in February

We have reported earlier this year that Samsung will release its first Tizen based smartphone during Mobile World Congress which will be next year in February in Barcelona. Today we are pleased to inform you that after almost 2 years of dev…


Samsung aims high, wants Tizen to power everything from mobile to cars to banks

While Samsung may be ruling the roost with its Android-based smartphones, the company isn't keeping its eggs in just one basket and has been working actively on Tizen, an open source operating system that Samsung teamed up with Intel to cre…


Tizen 2.2 brings many interface enhancements, hardware back and menu button support

Whether you like it or not, and no matter what some "media personalities" might think, Tizen is under active development by Samsung and Intel, which resulted in version 2.2 of the Tizen SDK being released over a week ago. Now, some of the c…



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