Samsung’s Galaxy S5 is this year’s second most Googled phone

Google today released their 'Year in Search', aka an account of what and how much was searched through the year. Although Samsung does make a lot of money on other avenues, the smartphone market is probably it's biggest bet, at least as far…


Google clamping down on Samsung’s control over Android

Google has always allowed Android manufacturers to make their own customizations to the software that powers their smartphones and tablets but now evidence has surfaced which reveals that the company is tightening requirements for manufactu…

Samsung MWC

Opinion: Apple’s patent lawsuit against Samsung doesn’t have the potential to change a thing

Tomorrow (Tuesday) the jury will begin its deliberations following the Apple v. Samsung patent infringement trial in San Jose, California. Juries in U.S. patent cases are unpredictable because laypeople rarely figure out the complex technic…


Google teamed up with Samsung to offer financial help in fight against Apple

New evidence in the ongoing Apple and Samsung patent trial has come to the fore and revealed that Google agreed to cover some of Samsung's potential legal costs as protection against Apple's multibillion-dollar patent lawsuit. Apple disclos…


Why the Galaxy S III might never get an update to Android 4.4 KitKat

Every time Google unveils a new version of Android, it's followed by months of questions from smartphone owners about if and when their particular device will get an update to said Android version. Android 4.4 KitKat, arguably the nicest ve…


Why Samsung doesn’t ditch the hardware home button on its phones and tablets

The mobile industry has called out Samsung on many things, but one of the most recurring criticisms leveled at the Korean manufacturer's smartphones and tablets - especially by the tech-savvy and geekier folks - is their continued use of th…


Samsung reportedly turned down offer to buy Android before it conquered the world

Android has taken over the smartphone world in a rather short time, powering almost 90 percent of all smartphones in the world. While Samsung has arguably been the biggest reason the little green droid has become as popular as it is today,…


Samsung to dial down its Android customization due to pressure from Google?

One of the nicest things about the new Galaxy TabPRO and NotePRO tablets is Samsung's new Magazine UX for the homescreen. It looks visually striking and gives off a Windows Phone/Windows 8 vibe, while making good use of the screen estate to…




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