Galaxy NX


Samsung working on Galaxy NX Mini Android-based camera?

Could Samsung be bringing the concept of mini variants of devices to its Android-based dedicated cameras? It certainly seems so - Samsung has recently applied for a trademark to a product named Galaxy NX Mini, hinting at the company's plans…


Samsung Galaxy NX now available in the US for $1,699.99

Looking for a dedicated camera that also gives you the convenience, flexibility, and huge ecosystem of Android? Well, if you've got $1,699.99 lying around, then you can opt for the Galaxy NX, Samsung's mirrorless Android-based camera, which…


Samsung Galaxy NX with AT&T LTE support visits the FCC

Samsung had announced back in August that the Galaxy NX, its Android-powered mirrorless camera, would be arriving in the U.S. in October, but it's a schedule that Samsung might not be able to meet as we approach the end of the month. Howev…


Samsung Galaxy NX headed to the U.S. in October with $1,599 price tag

Samsung has been slowly expanding the availability of its dedicated Android-powered camera, the Galaxy NX, ever since it was announced back in June, and the Korean manufacturer has now revealed that the NX will be arriving in the U.S in Oct…


Samsung Galaxy NX camera now shipping in the UK, still costs £1,299

It was back at the end of last month when Samsung's professional Android-powered Galaxy NX camera showed up for pre-order on various UK retailers, and at long last the device is finally shipping in the country. Four retailers currently list…


Samsung wins 5 EISA awards

EISA or European Imaging and Sound Association has been giving awards to electronic products after a thorough judgment from 50 special interest magazines based in 20 countries in EU. This year, five Samsung products have won the EISA Award.…


Galaxy NX’s kernel source code now available for download

Samsung has just made Galaxy NX's kernel source code available on its Open Source Release Center, even though the device has not yet gone on sale. Samsung has always complied with the GPL, it has an amazing record of releasing kernel source…


Galaxy NX camera priced in the UK, available now

The Galaxy NX (EK-GN120), Samsung's first professional-grade Android-based camera, has been priced in the UK at £1299.99 (around $1,990, or €1,500), with British retailer Jessops listing it as available for home delivery today, and We…




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