Galaxy Note


Next Galaxy Note to feature a new form factor

In a wide-ranging interview with Reuters, Samsung’s senior VP for product strategy Yoon Han-kil mentioned that the manufacturer was working on a new Tizen handset that will launch later this quarter. In addition, he also mentioned that a…


Opinion: Samsung’s Galaxy Note is the iPhone of the Android world

People love the iPhone. That's pretty much a fact in this day and age, a time when countless consumers swear by Apple's flagship phone and cannot think of using any other smartphone, with many making a habit of queuing up and camping outsid…


Galaxy S III is the most popular Samsung smartphone in the US

The Galaxy S4 and Galaxy Note 3 might have sold in the millions, but it was the Galaxy S III that gave Samsung its most acclaimed sales numbers, and it shows. According to the latest data Chitika about the advertising they served to Samsu…


10 million Galaxy Note devices shipped in South Korea

Samsung had a point to prove when they released their first Galaxy Note device in 2011 but since then, it's been a rollicking ride. Not only the series has enjoyed success globally but also in Samsung's home market where they've managed to…


Original Galaxy Note batteries also swelling up

Uh oh, here's one more example that Samsung's quality assurance team isn't doing a very good job. Reports recently surged worldwide that the batteries on the Galaxy S4 were swelling after a few months of use, prompting Samsung to start offe…


Samsung introduces PEN.UP social networking app

Samsung’s S Pen is a useful tool for designers and artists to illustrate or create sketches. Now Samsung is giving a chance to all Galaxy Note users to showcase their interesting creations via PEN.UP, a social networking app built around…


Samsung sold over 40 million Notes, 30 million of which were Note II sales

Naysayers wrote off the first Galaxy Note when it was announced by Samsung, only to find later that Samsung's large-screen smartphone experiment was on its way to becoming a runaway success. Then, Samsung came out with the hugely improved G…


Samsung’s Regional SIM-Lock: The Stupidest Thing Ever?

Recently, some very bad news broke from which purported that the European Galaxy Note 3 will not work with non-European SIM cards. Since then we've heard from a statement issued to that this regional lock w…




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