Fingerprint Sensor


Samsung might equip its future wearable devices with fingerprint sensors

According to Rick Bergman, CEO of Synaptics, wearable devices with inbuilt fingerprint sensors will hit the market next year. According to him, using a fingerprint ID sensor beneath a small curved display isn't very challenging. He has als…


Galaxy S5 is first smartphone to support PayPal payments in stores and online using a fingerprint

One of the most touted features of the Galaxy S5 is its fingerprint scanner, and the ability to use it for making PayPal payments, something which we exclusively confirmed before the device was officially announced. According to MIT's Tech…


Samsung said to be running into issues with fingerprint sensor yields

Ever since the rumormill caught wind of the Galaxy S5, one feature that was unfailingly touted was the fingerprint sensor. Samsung was initially said to consider choosing a third party to manufacture the sensor that will be used in the devi…


Galaxy S5 to reportedly feature swipe fingerprint sensor developed by Samsung

We've seen an  overwhelming amount of rumors and speculation on the matter of a fingerprint sensor being present on the Galaxy S5, Samsung's highly anticipated fifth-generation Galaxy S flagship. We recently heard that the S5 could feature…


Report: Only fingerprint sensor on Galaxy S5, embedded into display, no iris scanner

Many rumors have suggested that the Galaxy S5 will feature fingerprint scanning technology, while others have indicated that Samsung will go the extra mile and settle for the more advanced iris (eye) scanning instead, with a Samsung offici…


Samsung reportedly moving forward with plans to put fingerprint scanners on its devices

According to a report from DigiTimes citing industry sources, Samsung is planning to add fingerprint scanning technology to its smartphones in 2014. The company has reportedly talked to Validity and Sweden-based FingerPrint Cards (FPCs), t…


Galaxy Note 3 had a fingerprint scanner in early stages of development

When evidence was found in a few system files from the Galaxy S3 that Samsung was looking towards putting a fingerprint scanner on its upcoming devices, many expected the Galaxy Note 3 to be the first device to have one. However, that didn'…



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