Report: Galaxy S5 announced early to hide lack of innovation, counter iPhone 5s

The Galaxy S5 didn't get a dedicated event for its announcement unlike the Galaxy S III and S4, and many had wondered what reasons Samsung had to announce its newest flagship earlier than usual. Now, a report from Business Korea is citing…


Samsung to expand retail presence in Europe and US to fend off competition and sustain growth

Samsung and Apple are the two biggest smartphone vendors in the world, but unlike Apple, the Korean manufacturer has managed to become a dominant force in the industry without relying on its own retail stores. However, that's something the…

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Samsung’s Galaxy NotePRO and TabPRO tablets arrive in Europe today

Samsung's ultra-sized and top-of-the-line Galaxy NotePRO and TabPRO tablets recently went up for sale in countries like the U.S. and UK, and now they're making their way to numerous European countries, including the Netherlands. As expected…


Galaxy S4 with Snapdragon 800 and LTE-A arrives in Europe

It looks like those in European nations will soon be able to buy a Galaxy S4 that's as fast and quick as all the recent Android flagships, including Samsung's own Galaxy Note 3, as the Snapdragon 800-powered Galaxy S4 has made its way to Eu…


European Galaxy Note 3 won’t work with non-European SIM cards?

Well, here's an odd limitation of the Galaxy Note 3 that might spell trouble for those that buy the device in Europe but travel to other continents - according to retailer Clove UK, the Galaxy Note 3 launched in Europe (SM-N9005) is only co…


Samsung brings LTE version of Galaxy S4 Zoom to Europe

Less than a day after posting its kernel source, Samsung has announced that the LTE-enabled Galaxy S4 Zoom is now available commercially in Europe, and will soon be making its way to the UK. The LTE model supports multi-band 4G, and will be…


Samsung announces curved OLED TV for Europe

Samsung has now announced the sales of its Curved OLED TV for the European region. In addition to South Korea and USA, countries like Germany, England, France, Austria, Switzerland, Netherlands, Belgium and Italy will receive Samsung's flag…


Samsung leads Europe’s flat TV market with 38 percent share

Samsung has been the largest maker of TVs for a few years now, and the Korean manufacturer doesn't seem to be in the mood to let go of that title any time soon, continuing its lead in Europe's flat TV market in the January-June period with…




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