Samsung SM-T2558 is a 7-inch tablet that looks like a phone

Samsung is not a company averse to trying out various form factors and sizes for its smartphones and tablets, and the latest unknown Samsung device we've come across might be one of the oddest ones we've seen. A 7-inch tablet with model num…


First Galaxy S5 firmware is now available for download

In just about three weeks, the Galaxy S5 will go on sale worldwide in 150 countries, marking the debut of Samsung's fifth-generation Galaxy S flagship in perhaps the largest smartphone launch ever, and it looks like the Korean manufacturer…


Samsung Galaxy Beam 2 leaks, will pack mid-range specs like the original

The original Galaxy Beam never took off in terms of sales and popularity despite being a good option for those looking for a pocket projector, but in line with Samsung's tradition of launching successors of basically every device, it looks…

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Round 2014 – Samsung vs. Chinese Smartphone Brigade

China is a tough nut to track for both economists and social scientists alike. The country has defied many tried and tested economic and social policies, even those which are deemed to be axiomatically true, to achieve the phenomenal econom…

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Samsung lead smartphone sales in China in 2013

With a plethora of smartphones at every price point, Samsung is currently the largest smartphone vendor in the world. However, it's a tough time for even a company as big as Samsung in China, a market where countless local manufacturers off…


Samsung moving smartphone production to Vietnam to protect profit margins

Samsung makes a lot of money off its smartphones thanks to high sales and some exorbitant profit margins on devices, and now the Korean manufacturer is reportedly making plans to shift some of its production from China to Vietnam, where it…


Samsung market share increased in China despite strong competition from local manufacturers

China is the world's largest smartphone market today, and things there work a lot differently than in other markets. Numerous local manufacturers in China offer consumers low-cost, high value devices, which makes it difficult for global man…


Samsung W2014 officially unveiled: flip phone with Snapdragon 800 under the hood

The clamshell phone powered by the mighty Snapdragon 800 processor (clocked at 2.3GHz) that we've been hearing about in recent times has finally been made official by Samsung, at China Telecom's "Heart of the World" charity concert. The dev…




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