Samsung was obsessed with beating Apple in 2011, internal documents reveal

The second court trial between Samsung and Apple recently revealed that the iPhone maker was under pressure from the Korean manufacturer thanks to the latter's "Next Big Thing" ad campaign, and now, internal Samsung documents have revealed…


Samsung’s ‘Next Big Thing’ ads campaign reportedly ruffled some feathers at Apple

Samsung's "Next Big Thing" ads campaign, which made fun of Apple users standing in line for the next iPhone while touting features of Samsung devices, were among the funniest that we've come across, but according to Samsung attorney John Q…


Russian government dumps iPad in favor of Samsung tablets

The U.S. government might still be hanging on to BlackBerry and only just starting to take a look at Samsung devices as potential replacements, but over in Russia, the Korean manufacturer has managed a considerable win as the country's gove…


Opinion: Samsung’s Galaxy Note is the iPhone of the Android world

People love the iPhone. That's pretty much a fact in this day and age, a time when countless consumers swear by Apple's flagship phone and cannot think of using any other smartphone, with many making a habit of queuing up and camping outsid…


Apple wins patent ruling in Japan

Samsung suffered a blow in the Tokyo District Court earlier today as Judge Koji Hasegawa ruled that Apple didn’t infringe Samsung owned patent. Samsung alleged Apple’s devices like iPhone 4s, iPhone 4 and iPad 2 to infringe on the data…


Samsung might produce Retina display for Apple’s iPad mini 2 in 2014

No matter how many court battles they might take part in against each other, Samsung and Apple continue to do business together in the background, with the Korean manufacturer producing components like the processor for Apple's iPhone. This…


Samsung and Apple took 87% of smartphone market profits in last six years

It's no secret that Samsung and its arch-rival Apple enjoy the lion's share of profits generated by the smartphone industry, with the two companies having accounted for more than 109 percent of profit as a result of other companies bleedin…


Apple wants Samsung to pay $40 per device for five patents

Somewhere in mid-2013, word got out that Apple was asking Samsung to pay $30-$40 for each device that infringes on the Cupertino giant's patents, a crazy amount that Samsung smartly refused to cough up. Well, looks like the rumors were true…




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