Apple drops cross-appeal in first California case against Samsung

The patent spat between Apple and Samsung might have earned the top spot in the history of lawsuits as far as the drama is concerned, but it looks like the two giants are finally losing the will to keep going at each others' throats. Last m…


Rumor: Samsung to produce Apple’s A-series mobile chips in 2015

Yesterday, it was reported that Qualcomm has turned to Samsung for production of its mobile processors, based on Samsung's 14nm FinFET process. Now, a rumor has surfaced, suggesting that Samsung will also be the main manufacturer responsibl…


Apple now seeks a ‘narrowly tailored’ ban on some older Samsung devices

In the first Apple vs Samsung patent infringement lawsuit the Cupertino company twice moved the court to grant a U.S. sales ban on all devices found to be infringing on its patents. However even though the company was awarded nearly a billi…


Samsung reports 59 Chinese suppliers failed to meet safety standards

In a sustainability report yesterday Samsung revealed that 59 component suppliers based in China failed to meet safety standards. The company has been on a mission to improve labor standards across its entire supply chain but some of the su…


Samsung executive believes consumers are ‘smarter’ now and no longer fall for branding

Companies like Apple have invested millions of dollars in creating a brand. Most people now believe Apple devices to be sleek, beautifully designed and a cut above the rest, devices that make you look cool. This might compel people to choo…


Report: Apple and Samsung working on making peace, settling disputes

Are Apple and Samsung getting closer to burying the hatchet and putting all the court battles and lawsuits behind them? As improbable as it may sound, recent developments are certainly pointing to signs that the two mobile giants are ready…


Report: Samsung cutting down on Galaxy S5 orders in response to iPhone 6

As tradition dictates, Apple will take the stage later this year to unveil its newest iPhone (or two, if the Cupertino giant is continuing its plans to offer a cheaper iPhone like the iPhone 5c). Rumors have pretty much confirmed that the n…


Samsung finds support in 27 US professors of law in first Apple lawsuit

Apple may have had a resounding victory in its first lawsuit against Samsung that found the Korean manufacturer guilty of infringing on Apple's iPhone design patents, but it seems not everyone in the US thinks the lawsuit was fair. Apparent…




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