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Report: Apple eating into Samsung’s market share in South Korea

Is Samsung losing its sheen even in its home market, in addition to seeing reduced sales in the rest of the world? The latest report by Counterpoint Research certainly claims so - according to the report, Apple managed to see a noticeable i…


Samsung and Globalfoundries rumored to be making majority of Apple’s A9 chips

Apple's next iPhone is sure to come with a new version of the company's in-house Ax SoC, the A9, but at this time what is not certain is who will be responsible for producing the A9 chip. Both Samsung and Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturin…


Samsung made components to be used in the Apple iPhone 6 and the Apple Watch

When Apple tried to reduce their dependance on Samsung, it seemed that the business relations between them won't improve, but looks like there's still hope left. According to report from Business Korea, Apple will increase the use of Sams…


Samsung to make ’80% of mobile processors used in Apple devices’ from 2016

With a slew of lawsuits having played out between Apple and Samsung over the last few years, it's no secret the companies aren't the best of friends in the public eye. But Samsung has continually manufactured Apple's A-series SoCs that powe…


PayPal’s relationship with Samsung might have kept it away from Apple Pay

Last month Apple announced its new payments service called Apple Pay. Many were surprised to note that PayPal was nowhere to be seen, even though it had been rumored initially that both Apple and PayPal were in talks regarding a payments s…


Samsung moves closer to Apple in US smartphone market share

Samsung might be having a hard time in markets like India and China due to its lack of a solid strategy for the burgeoning budget smartphone segment, but over in the U.S., the Korean manufacturer managed to strengthen its foothold in the se…


Apple and Samsung agree to drop lawsuits outside the US

Over the past few years some of the most talked about legal battles have taken place between Apple and Samsung. Both companies seek to dominate the global smartphone market and are always on the look out to get an advantage over their rival…


Apple drops cross-appeal in first California case against Samsung

The patent spat between Apple and Samsung might have earned the top spot in the history of lawsuits as far as the drama is concerned, but it looks like the two giants are finally losing the will to keep going at each others' throats. Last m…




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