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Samsung SM-G430 leaks with a 5.5-inch 1080p display

We've managed to catch a lot of Samsung phones being transported to India for R&D purposes, and today's nothing different. Not long ago, we caught the Galaxy S6 (SM-G920F), and the latest unreleased Samsung phone to land on Indian shor…


Samsung develops ‘Look At Me’ app to help kids suffering with autism

Samsung has developed a new interactive app called as 'Look At Me' for kids suffering with autism in partnership with Autism Speaks Canada. This app will help children with autism in making eye contact, read facial expressions, and express…

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12-22-2014 Firmware Updates: Galaxy Note 4, Galaxy S III mini, Galaxy Alpha, and more

Samsung has a plethora of phones and tablets in its lineup, and regularly releases firmware updates for various devices. These can include major updates, which bring a newer version of the OS to a particular device, or minor ones that impro…


Samsung Z1 specifications and features surface thanks to Indian launch event

The launch of the Samsung Z1 may actually be happening for real this time, as Samsung has shown off the device at a secret launch event that is happening in India. Revealed at  the event were full specifications and a few key features…


Samsung Z1 will be the company’s first Tizen based phone, here are the first images

Samsung has been continuously postponing the launch of its first Tizen based smartphone. Samsung announced the high-end Samsung Z (SM-Z910)  about seven months ago, but cancelled its launch shortly after. A report later surfaced that S…


Samsung NX1 gets its first ever firmware update

Samsung has been rather experimental with cameras, more so with standalone ones than the ones on its phones. Although the company has tried its hand at digital photography in the past, the 28 mega-pixel NX1 remains to be the first real att…


Samsung’s first Tizen powered phone is coming to India in January

India's been a battleground for a lot of new smartphone makers in the past few months. While a lot of the competition has come from the neighbouring country of China, many of India's domestic players have partaken in the game, making it ri…


Alleged Samsung Galaxy S6 unibody frame glimpsed in the wild

We've mostly only heard or seen the Galaxy S6 in its virtual form up until now. Today, alleged pictures of the next-gen Galaxy flagship's metal unibody frame showed up, giving us a glimpse at how the Galaxy S6 would be in the flesh. After b…


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Feature Focus: Samsung Galaxy Note 4 – S Pen

By Faryaab S.

Feature Focus is a new series of editorials we are launching, where we choose a particular feature of …

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