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Thread: Samsung about Galaxy ace ICS update

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    Cool Samsung about Galaxy ace ICS update

    This is the response i got from Samsung. They did nt say ICS wont be available but..... it will be updated little late after other devices are updated.

    Dear Mr. Oruganti,

    We are sorry for the inconvenience caused to you.

    As per Information Samsung mobile model GT-S5830 for v4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) Android version, we donít have any official upgradation information in INDIA so kindly bear with us till then.

    As per the mentioned query, we request you to be in touch for the future reference.

    Technical Support Team
    Samsung India Electronics Pvt. Ltd.
    Pramod COB

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    They have said the same for Portugal :S

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    when the android version 4.0 (ICS) for the galaxy ACE: (
    I am disappointed that way.

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    Hi guys I strongly don't believe that Samsung will ever release ICS for their Samsung galaxy ace and the reason is simple there is no profit for them by doing so think about it they want you to buy eventually one of their devices that actually has it besides you should understand that mobile phone manufacturers have 3 and in some cases 4 classes of phones:
    1st class/low production cost
    (that means a cheap smartphone even below budget which translates to never expect to get an update in the firmware above the main version that it ships with, ex. If it came with 2.x.x you want be able to get 3.x.x and so on simply the hardware of the phone want be able to support it).
    2nd class/moderate production cost
    (and here my friends we have a budget smartphone device but still don't expect the luxury of upgrading officially your firmware or operative system which ever term you think is appropriate the devices hardware might be up to it but you have to find out for yourself on your own risk no official support).
    3rd class/high production cost
    (here my friends you have the expensive smart phones of the manufacturer those have good and advanced hardware that will be officially supported for full version upgrades at least for some period extend they still want you to buy a new phone every 2 or so years otherwise they make no profit).
    4th class/really high production cost
    (this my friends are the really expensive smartphones the flagship device of the manufacturer and they are the cutting edge of smartphones technology at a current date that most possibly if not always will officially support firmware/operative system upgrades).
    Hopefully this insight will help you in your future smartphone purchases.

    gosms pro and beejives pro well their developers!

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