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Thread: s3 problems

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    s3 problems

    3 weeks ago I got my s3 it would not connect to kies it went back and was reloaded with software version 4.0.4. I live in South Africa.
    a week ago I lost my contacts phone numbers which were replaced with the number 8. I contacted samsung s.a. as I could not connect to kies again and I got an MMI code invalid message, they suggested I reload kies which I did. It does not connect to my phone it keeps trying for hours. Has anyone any answers?

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    Yes....... do what most of us have done and abandon Kies except for backing up your data (even then, there are better methods)
    Some tips:
    1. Have your Contacts saved to your Gmail account, then you cannot lose them, and they will transfer to another android phone easily.
    2. If your phone is not locked to a network, then install your firmware with Odin.
    Android version 4.1.2 is excellent and can be installed on an unlocked S3 now.

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