Samsung Gear S will be available for sale in the US from November 7

Samsung has announced that its high-end Gear S smartwatch will be launched in the US on November 7th through all the major carriers. Apart from AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, and Sprint, consumers will be able to buy the Gear S from Samsun…


Samsung Gear S launch delayed in the UK

Samsung's Gear S is the most feature-packed smartwatch out there today, thanks to its ability to work independently of a smartphone with inbuilt Wi-Fi and cellular connectivity. However, it looks like those in the UK who were looking forwar…


Samsung Gear Circle headset launched in South Korea

Samsung announced the Gear S earlier this year, and the company also quietly launched the Gear Circle headset alongside the smartwatch. Now, Samsung has made the Gear Circle available for purchase in its home country. The Gear Circle connec…


Sprint will offer Samsung Gear S through a $9.99 service plan

The Gear S is the first smartwatch from Samsung to feature a SIM card slot so that it doesn't need to be a slave to a smartphone and this means that it would need a separate service plan. It was expected to hit all major carriers in the US,…


Opera Mini browser makes its way to the Samsung Gear S

For anyone who has used a feature phone or smartphone in the last decade, Opera Mini is probably a familiar name. A simple, stripped down version of the Opera browser for computers, Opera Mini has been available for almost every feature and…

Samsung Gear Live Windows 95 Feature 190 x 140

Watch this Samsung Gear Live run the Windows 95 operating system

We've seen some smartphones and tablets running full-fledged desktop operating systems but this is something really phenomenal. Corbin Davenport, a YouTube user has posted a video of the Android Wear powered Gear Live running Windows 95 op…


Samsung Gear S coming to major US carriers in the fall

Samsung's SIM, Wi-Fi and curved display-toting Gear S smartwatch will be making its way to the US sometime later this fall, the company has announced. The Gear S will be offered by Verizon, T-Mobile, Sprint and AT&T, and it's possible t…


Samsung working on a smartwatch with a fingerprint sensor and new payment system

The smartphone market has mostly saturated and is suffering from a dearth of innovative ideas, so it's not surprising that manufacturers are now focusing on smartwatches as they look towards finding the next big growing market. Samsung has…



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