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Samsung outsold HTC by a factor of four with the Galaxy S4

New sales statistics by Bloomberg revealed that Samsung outsold HTC’s One by a factor of four last year. In the first two months of availability, Samsung managed to accrue over 20 million sales for the Galaxy S4, while HTC managed only 5…


Fire at Samsung’s data center leads to outage

If you received a lot of error messages on your Samsung phone, tablet or Smart TV over the weekend, it wasn’t a glitch. A fire at one of Samsung’s data centers caused to go down and rendered a lot of Samsung services unusabl…


Samsung may offer a common platform for all consumer devices in the future

In an interview with the Wall Street Journal, Samsung’s president of Media Solutions Center Wonpyo Hong announced that the manufacturer will be more active in mergers and acquisitions. He stated that location-based services are of an inte…


Samsung working on a multi-finger authentication system for its e-wallet service

Samsung may launch its own e-wallet service with a multi-finger authentication system in the not-too-distant future. A patent filed at the United States Patent and Trademark Office revealed a new system that allows for multiple layers of se…


Samsung and Amazon launch a custom Kindle e-book store for Galaxy devices

Samsung announced that it is collaborating with Amazon in launching a customized Kindle e-book store that will be exclusive to the Galaxy range of mobile devices and tablets. The service is debuting on the Galaxy S5 and is available on all…

Samsugn-SDI-curved-battery 190

Samsung SDI launches a curved battery for wearable devices

Samsung SDI announced a 210 mAh curved battery that is designed to be used in wearable devices. Samsung is said to be focusing its energies on the wearable segment this year, and will launch more products in this segment. The manufacturer h…


Samsung denies copying iPhone features, claims branding was key to success

The latest instalment in the Apple Samsung trial sees the South Korean manufacturer stating that it did not copy any iPhone features, and that its marketing efforts were what led to the success of the Galaxy series of handsets. Samsung Amer…


Samsung has to look beyond smartphones for growth

Samsung may have to find an alternate growth area to counter slow sales of its smartphones. Although the Galaxy S5 got off to a great start by selling 30 percent more than the Galaxy S4, analysts estimate that the device would not be able t…



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