Samsung explains how Galaxy S5′s Super AMOLED display is the best yet

That the Galaxy S5's display is the best the Korean manufacturer has ever put on a smartphone is something that has already been confirmed by the experts at DisplayMate, who went into detail about how the Super AMOLED display on the S5 impr…


Samsung UD590 is a billion-color 4K (3,840 x 2,160) LED monitor

Samsung continues to push the limits of what displays can do, and has announced a new 28-inch 4K LED monitor that comes with impressive features to match its high-resolution screen. The UD590 supports up to 1 billion colors for richly deta…


Samsung might produce Retina display for Apple’s iPad mini 2 in 2014

No matter how many court battles they might take part in against each other, Samsung and Apple continue to do business together in the background, with the Korean manufacturer producing components like the processor for Apple's iPhone. This…


New Patents hint at Samsung’s take on flexible displays

Samsung has been working on flexible displays for quite some time and though 2015 is the year when Samsung is expected to show a real flexible display-equipped device, Patent Bolt has uncovered some of the patents filed by the Korean giant,…


Samsung granted patent for force-sensitive touchscreen display

We recently heard rumors of Samsung working on displays that support stylus input without the need of a dedicated digitizer chip, in order to decrease the production costs of the display on smartphones and tablets. According to a patent gra…


Samsung secretly showcased 5.68-inch foldable AMOLED display at CES

Back in November at Samsung's Analyst Day in South Korea, the company reportedly showed off foldable displays to high-ranking officials behind closed doors, and now a report by ETNews claims the Korean manufacturer did the same at CES as we…


Samsung to ramp up OLED panel production capacity by 33 percent in 2014

Samsung Display is reportedly going to be increasing its production capacity of OLED panels by 33 percent in 2014, with the monthly output increasing from 140,000 substrates in Q4 2013 to 177,000 by the fourth quarter of 2014. DigiTimes re…

bended display

Samsung Display Centric World

Samsung Display published a video on their own website showing of the future in display technology. Samsung showed this video at their own Analyst day 2013. As known Samsung is the biggest innovator in Display technology. Samsung already s…



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