Galaxy Alpha’s Super AMOLED display is a marked improvement over existing AMOLED displays

The Galaxy Alpha, Samsung's first metallic Android smartphone, went official today, and the folks over at Hi-tech@mail were quick to publish a review of the device. According to the early review, the 4.7-inch 720p Super AMOLED display on th…


‘Expert Level’ UHD UD970 monitor launched

Samsung Electronics today added an "expert-level" Ultra High Definition monitor to its lineup. It is geared towards professional graphic designers, game developers, photographers and others who constantly need high quality monitors to go ab…


Samsung Display CEO: Other OEMs are not licensing our Super AMOLED technology

Samsung swears by its Super AMOLED display technology, a technology it has been improving with every new flagship since the original Galaxy S. However, according to Samsung Display CEO Park Dong-geun, while Samsung's mobile division has bee…


Samsung to set up a $1 billion display manufacturing plant in Vietnam

Samsung Display Co Ltd has announced that it has received an approval from Vietnam authorities to set up a $1 billion display manufacturing plant in the country. The facility, which would be built in Bac Ninh province in Vietnam would be o…


Report: Samsung to mass produce Quantum Dot LCD displays later this year

With its AMOLED displays almost perfected, and with flexible displays also under its umbrella, it looks like Samsung is turning its attention towards the next frontier in display technology. According to the Korean media, Samsung (and LG) i…


Why Samsung’s new upcoming AMOLED tablets are better than their current LCD variants

If there's one thing that has always separated Samsung's high-end phones from the competition, it is the AMOLED display technology the Korean manufacturer loves using. The upcoming Galaxy Tab S tablets will be bringing AMOLED displays to ta…


Samsung explains how Galaxy S5′s Super AMOLED display is the best yet

That the Galaxy S5's display is the best the Korean manufacturer has ever put on a smartphone is something that has already been confirmed by the experts at DisplayMate, who went into detail about how the Super AMOLED display on the S5 impr…


Samsung UD590 is a billion-color 4K (3,840 x 2,160) LED monitor

Samsung continues to push the limits of what displays can do, and has announced a new 28-inch 4K LED monitor that comes with impressive features to match its high-resolution screen. The UD590 supports up to 1 billion colors for richly deta…



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