Feature Focus: Samsung Galaxy Note 4 – S Pen

Feature Focus is a new series of editorials we are launching, where we choose a particular feature of a device and tell you everything about it. For our first Feature Focus article, we have put the Galaxy Note 4’s S Pen under the spotligh…


It’s 2014, Samsung. Why does your software still lag, even on a flagship device?

It's 2014. The market for smartphones has matured to a point where specs do not really matter. Instead, it's the software on devices that decides what kind of experience users get and just how useful the device is in complementing their liv…


Why is Samsung releasing a device like the Galaxy Alpha?

A few hours ago, Samsung officially announced the Galaxy Alpha, a device that has nothing ground-breaking but is something of a refined mix of the Galaxy S4 and the Galaxy S III. Its specs include a 4.7-inch 720p Super AMOLED display, an Ex…


No Samsung, delaying Tizen because of apps is not a good idea

Ever since Tizen was announced as being under development by Samsung (along with Intel and a slew of other partners), we have been waiting for that moment when the Korean manufacturer would launch the first Tizen-powered handset in the mark…


Why Galaxy S III doesn’t get KitKat with 1 GB RAM but other devices do with even 512 MB RAM

Ever since Samsung announced that the Galaxy S III (the international model) would not be getting Android 4.4 KitKat, we've seen an avalanche of comments from (rightly) disgruntled users who thought their beloved S III was worth at least on…


Dear Samsung, please don’t mess up usability in favor of making metallic phones

Samsung's smartphones have always been heavy-hitters in the market when it comes to sales figures, with millions of consumers preferring to buy the company's phones over the competition. Whether that is because they have been blinded by Sam…


Opinion: Samsung needs better software to compete in the low-end market

In the six years since it first appeared on a commercial device, Android has come a long way, from being (possibly) the most unoptimized of any mobile operating system in history to one that no longer lags at every chance it gets. Google ha…


Opinion: Samsung needs to update its multimillion selling devices for longer than 18 months

Google has a simple policy that all Android manufacturers follow: any Android device will get a software update for 18 months after its launch. That is usually enough to get every flagship device two major updates, something that has been t…



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