The Galaxy Note Edge feels like an unfinished product, Edge screen is under-utilized

Last year, when the Galaxy Note Edge was unveiled along with the Galaxy Note 4, Samsung said that it would be a "limited edition concept device". However, Samsung went on to release it in almost all its important markets, be it the US,…


Feature Focus: Samsung Galaxy Note Edge – Edge Display

It was with the Galaxy Round when Samsung initially started experimenting with curved screen technology. It was the company’s first smartphone with a curved display, and was launched only in Korea, as the Korean firm wanted to obtain feed…


Samsung is simplifying its smartphone lineup, not ‘downsizing’ it

Samsung sells a lot of phones. It also makes a lot of phones; so many, in fact, that it has always been berated for flooding the market with a slew of devices, each one not much different from the last one. But more than the number of smart…


TouchWiz finally looks good, thanks to Google

TouchWiz. That single word can ellicit a slew of responses. From a custom skin that adds a ton of useful features to one that bogs down Android to a level that makes even high-end devices stutter in general usage, TouchWiz is either hated,…


Sorry Samsung, the Galaxy E5 and E7 are not what consumers are looking for

So the Indian market has become quite important for smartphones, that's not a secret anymore. In case someone isn't ready to believe that India (and other emerging markets) is where the next mobile wars will take place, you only need to poi…


Round smartwatches and Samsung: It’s just about time

Considering Samsung’s recent show of interest in having everything, right from your kitchen to your bathroom, connected to the internet, it is evident that not only phones and other ‘orthodox’ tech, but also new-found gadgetry such as…


This is why Samsung’s Tizen-based smartphones might fail

Sure, Android has been a great stepping stone towards Samsung success in the smartphone and the tablet market. Thanks to Android, Samsung has emerged as the biggest smartphone vendor in the world right now, but it has been trying to find a…


Feature Focus: Samsung Galaxy Note 4 – S Pen

Feature Focus is a new series of editorials we are launching, where we choose a particular feature of a device and tell you everything about it. For our first Feature Focus article, we have put the Galaxy Note 4’s S Pen under the spotligh…



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