Exclusive: Samsung working on Tizen-based NX500 camera

Samsung's first Tizen-based device wasn't a smartphone, but the NX300M, a mirrorless digital camera that was launched almost a year ago. Now, we've learned that Samsung is working on a successor to the NX300M, dubbed the NX500. Like the NX3…


Samsung launches the 28-megapixel NX1 Smart Camera for $1,499

Samsung has launched a new flagship camera in its NX lineup of dedicated DSLR-like cameras, called the NX1 Smart Camera. The NX1 features a 28-megapixel backside-illuminated CMOS sensor and a 50-150mm f/2.8 lens (sold separately), along wi…


Samsung NX1 mirrorless camera with 28MP sensor to launch in September?

According to a new leak, Samsung is working on its next flagship dedicated camera running Android, named NX1. The NX1 is expected to be announced at the Photokina event in September, and will feature a 28-megapixel APS-C sensor, an upgra…


Samsung Galaxy K zoom up for pre-order in the UK for £400, ships out May 29th

It was earlier rumored that the Galaxy K zoom, successor to the Galaxy S4 zoom and the Samsung's latest attempt at a crossover of both smartphone and dedicated camera, would be priced at 499 Euro and go up on sale sometime in late May. Whil…


Galaxy K (S5 zoom) pictures leaked, reaffirm slim design

We're less than a week away from the official announcement of the Galaxy S5 zoom - or the Galaxy K, as it is expected to be named, details on which have leaked numerous times in the past, with our own exclusive look at its specs and benchma…


Purported image of Galaxy S5 zoom leaked

We've been hearing about the Galaxy S5 zoom quite often in the last few weeks, and now a leaked image claims to show the camera-cum-smartphone in all its full-frontal glory, though the device is referred to as the Galaxy K Zoom by the sourc…


Galaxy S5 Zoom specs leak again, list 1.6GHz quad-core CPU, 20MP camera, slimmer design

Leaks and rumors come in many forms, but today's leak about the Galaxy S5 zoom is rather unique in that in comes in the form of text jotted down on a piece of paper, supposedly at a presentation somewhere in Poland. The leak details many of…


Samsung working on cameras with transparent displays?

Samsung has managed to create what it says is the world’s slimmest & lightest interchangeable lens camera with the NX mini, but according to a patent filing uncovered by The Wall Street Journal suggests the Korean manufacturer has…



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