About us

On 14 June 2009, we launched Samsung-Firmwares, which we later had to change to SamFirmware due to a request from Samsung. With SamFirmware, our focus was totally towards firmware for Samsung devices, both official and test versions. Back then we were the only source from which users were able to obtain firmware for their Samsung devices. With the launch and success of the Galaxy S and the Galaxy S II, the Samsung community had started to grow rapidly and with that we were able to reach 500,000 registered users in only two years. After watching the Samsung community grow, we decided to increase our footprint, and that’s where SamMobile came in.

On 14 December 2011, SamMobile was born! The main reason behind SamFirmware’s success was the huge collection of firmware, but with SamMobile our main goal was to show more interest in Samsung’s innovations in the mobile industry, which we were able to showcase by publishing product reviews, Samsung-related news and updates However, we didn’t want to abandon our firmware services, so we decided to merge SamFirmware into SamMobile by creating a separate Firmware Portal within the new website. We had to completely change the infrastructure of SamFirmware to get it compatible with WordPress - this process was very painful because this meant losing all 500,000 registered members and starting everything from scratch again. Luckily, the community supported us at every moment, with over 1500-2500 new registrations every day.

It has been two years since the launch of SamMobile and in just two years our community has grown enormously with now over 2,000,000 registered members. Looking back, it took SamFirmware 2 years to reach 500,000 registered members, while SamMobile was able to attain 2 million members in the same time frame. Since its inception, SamMobile reached over 85+ million visitors, 45+ million unique visitors and over 250 million page views! Last year alone SamMobile served over 60+ million visitors, 35+ million unique visitors and 170+ million pages requests. Over 100,000 user registrations each month!

Over the past two years, SamMobile has built a great reputation among the tech industry mainly because of the excellent track record of breaking exclusive information regarding Samsung’s upcoming devices and software updates, and we plan to maintain that reputation in the future as well. Our trusty old insiders are always sending us the latest information about Samsung’s upcoming devices and software updates; they even send us early test firmware of upcoming Android updates from Samsung, and for this we would like to thank our insiders (yes, you guys know who you are) because, without them, we wouldn’t be where we are today. Our first ever major exclusive was about the Galaxy S III’s design, when an insider of ours sent us the actual sketches of the design, and Samsung CEO J K Shin mentioned this information at the official Galaxy S III announcement, hinting slyly at SamMobile. Till this very day, we have not stopped with publishing exclusive information about Samsung’s upcoming devices and software updates, and we surely won’t be stopping in the near future.

• SamMobile serves 150,000 to 200,0000 unique visitors each day.
• More than 100,000 user registrations each month.
• Most SamMobile visitors come from Germany, followed by Italy and France.
• Largest amount of unique visitors in a month record: 5,000,000 (December 2013)

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