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Firmware for Samsung’s upcoming Tizen phone (the Z1) now online


After months and months of delays, Samsung is finally launching a smartphone powered by Tizen in the market. Next month, consumers will India will have the option of buying the Samsung Z1 (SM-Z130H), a low-end device powered by Tizen that is expected to retail for less than $100. Ahead of its launch, firmware for the Z1 have cropped up online on Samsung servers and are available for download from our firmware section. The Z1′s firmware are special as they will let tinkerers and developers take a look at the internals of Tizen, Samsung’s in-house OS that the company is hoping will one day power everything from smartphones to cars.

Of course, there’s also the usual ripping out of things like wallpapers and ringtones that these firmware can be used for. Head over to our firmware section to download the firmware, and let us know if you’re planning to buy the Samsung Z1 in the near future.

Firmware Details:

  • • Model: SM-Z130H
  • • Model name:
  • • Country: India
  • • Version: Android
  • • Changelist: N/A
  • • Build date: N/A
  • • Product Code: INS
  • • PDA: Z130HDDU0ANL7
  • • CSC: Z130HODD0ANL7
  • • MODEM: Z130HDDU0ANL7

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66 comments on “Firmware for Samsung’s upcoming Tizen phone (the Z1) now online

  1. CVagoc95 1 month ago said:

    How tochech the firmware?

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  2. gfuentesm1279 1 month ago said:



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  3. TMS1614 1 month ago said:
  4. arthurhkt 1 month ago said:

    Yes i am planning to get a Tizen phone, but my question is…. Do we need a Samsung Z1 to flash this Firmware? Or we can flash it to current available Samsung Galaxy Android phone? Or there is any virtual machine that allow me to test it? I am not a tech genius, so i hope someone can answer my question :)

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  5. aliverengal111 1 month ago said:
  6. sarim34 1 month ago said:

    being of pakistan region if i flash a firmware of russia would sim card work on that modem?

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    • irfan ullah khan 1 month ago said:

      Yep!!! probably it will work!!! what will be the difference between pakistan firmware and russian that you will end up with some unwanted apps and and mostly there are plenty of firmware which have no Urdu!!

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  7. amank gagah 1 month ago said:

    tank’s you

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  8. alsaidii 1 month ago said:
  9. sriholic28 1 month ago said:

    very satisfying and thank you very much

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  10. djsanya 1 month ago said:

    IDIOT sammobile staff..fck you

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  11. veeran121 1 month ago said:
  12. makoristephen 1 month ago said:

    i have a problem with my samsung galaxy ace gt s5830i it shows cant mount data/copy log files please help
    am from kenya

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  13. omar garcia lopez 1 month ago said:
  14. odvut 1 month ago said:
  15. hawajdhd 1 month ago said:

    Hello sir I have to download the official firmware 4.1.2 (movistar spain) for my galaxy s3 gt-i9300.How can I download it from sammobile? While iam searching my device on your site it shows only 4.3 firmware rahter than all the firmwares.Plz tell me how can I download it plzzzz???

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  16. MELILLA1964 1 month ago said:

    Salut a tous et BON ANNE 2015

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  17. hesham2134 1 month ago said:
  18. RANC 1 month ago said:

    Quizas, este bien , habra que ver lo que ocurre con el tiempo.

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  19. iwansbw 1 month ago said:
  20. kaspertun 1 month ago said:
  21. sonicmanza 1 month ago said:


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  22. benhilone 1 month ago said:
  23. HarleyGW 1 month ago said:
  24. raduriza123 1 month ago said:
  25. mosta76 1 month ago said:

    feliz fiestas a todo el mundo happy neeeeeewwww yeaaaaaaar

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  26. lisandrotapia 1 month ago said:

    hola buen dia

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  27. lisandrovega 1 month ago said:

    hola a todos

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  28. lisandrotapia 1 month ago said:
  29. fadi93 1 month ago said:
  30. sajaffon 1 month ago said:
  31. mahmoudrokaya 1 month ago said:
  32. mohamed mohamud 1 month ago said:

    i what to flash samsung s3

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  33. tornadoh0 1 month ago said: thanks

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  34. medgph123 1 month ago said:
  35. abdullahashfaqe 1 month ago said:

    hai sam team how to download firmware in your website?

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  36. Blackdragoneye 1 month ago said:
  37. neburcito 1 month ago said:
  38. tmtianko 1 month ago said:

    Hi, Please help i need firmware to unbrick my Samsung Galaxy S GT-I9000 handset.

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  39. guest558899 1 month ago said:
  40. aemaon 1 month ago said:
  41. SALEHDN3 1 month ago said:
  42. mustafatabbakha 1 month ago said:


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  43. 1 month ago said:

    I am Yasir from Pakistan,Recently i buy Note 3 SM-N9005 and i want to update it to 4.4 Kit kat.Problem is that firmware related to Pakistan region not found at Samsung updates or Sam mobile web sites.So any one help how can i get that firmware 4.4.2 or 4.4 kit kat

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  44. Adepariama99 1 month ago said:

    It’s nice

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  45. eagdora 1 month ago said:

    G_T 7582أصدارAndroid:4.4.2السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته.أناعبدالقادروأريدمنكم سوفت ويرللجهازي
    وشكرا جزيلا

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  46. emdheen 1 month ago said:

    I wish to upgrade to latest firmware on my g note 3, any one did it recently, kindly share their experience pros and cons

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  47. clifford024 1 month ago said:
  48. joehajjaj 1 month ago said:
  49. solodish 1 month ago said:
  50. MARIOERASUK 1 month ago said:

    holas como estan todos una consulta necesito ponerle el software a un celular samsung GT-S7560M

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  51. asp3008 1 month ago said:

    Hi, Can any one help in resolving issue with my Samsung Galaxy SII, I love Note -3, however I still my SII more than Note3 as its so handy. I had issue with booting on my S2, and recently got it repaired but update is not in software update menu. I see the Model number as GT-I9100, baseband as I9100DDLS9. Is there any issue with the repair done by the person.

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  52. MOSTAPHA 84 1 month ago said:
  53. degara 1 month ago said:

    Enserio estos de Samsung no tienen arreglo, asi les va y les va a ir en el futuro. Actualizan Note 3 y S5 a 5.0.1 dejando de lado al buque insignia el gran NOTE 4 por los que pagamos nada mas y nada menos que 750 € y nos deja abandonados sin actualizacion a LolliPop, ¿Cuando se van a poner las pilas y van a satisfacer a los que os dan de comer? Sino lo haceis os auguro un futuro muy incierto. La manzana está al acecho.

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  54. 0nurSahin 1 month ago said:

    tizeninizi sikim adam akıllı androide güncelleme verin

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