Galaxy Note 4 benchmark once again shows the power of its Exynos 5433 chip

Like every Galaxy Note flagship since the lineup’s inception, the Galaxy Note 4 is expected to be a powerhouse that puts the competition to shame when it comes to raw performance, and we’ve seen what the Exynos 5433 chipset powering it is capable of through leaked benchmarks a couple of months ago. Now, another benchmark for the Galaxy Note 4 has cropped up online, and this time we get to see how the Exynos 5433 compares to other processors. As you can see in the image below, the 5433 managed to beat every existing chipset, including the Snapdragon 805, by a fair margin. The NVIDIA Tegra K1 came out at top, but the lead it has over the Exynos 5433 might disappear once Samsung finalizes the software on the Galaxy Note 4.

The Exynos 5433 will be an octa-core chip with four Cortex-A7 and four Cortex-A15 cores. It will be the first Exynos chip to feature an integrated LTE modem, an aspect which will allow Samsung to bring the Exynos variant to more markets than it has in the past. Details are scarce on the company’s newest chip, but we only have to wait till September 3 to get all the nitty-gritty information.



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11 months 13 days ago

Can someone confirm that Exynos 5433 is 4 A15/A7 configuration but not the A57/A53 combo cuz gsmarena and antutu site says its A57 combo but sammobile says it’s A15 combo, I’m a bit confused about the specs, can someone enlighten me please

11 months 12 days ago

In my opinion there’s no way it’s the 64 bit a57/a53 combo for several reasons. First and foremost the benchmarks from the next generation of a57 chip should have easily blown up into the high 40,000s and probably realistically into thr 50,000s. Second is the manufacturing of the rest of the architecture isn’t even ready, samsung literally has to build an entire new factory to create 20 nm then 14 nm chips respectively. Lastly, android…unlike apple that used 64 bit out of order processing as a marketing but by just flashing 64 bit everywhere lol…android and the 64 bit a57 wave of chipsets must run in tandem meaning you cannot run 64 bit android on 32 bit hardware, nor will slapping a 64 bit a57 based soc into the note 4 make android 64 bit in any way (obviously unless google somehow completely overhauled the entire platform in secret for the note 4…right lol). So I can’t imagine this is possibly anything more than a higher clocked a15 based soc with oc 800 mhz gpu and slightly faster ram….the real a57 chips will be the generation to put laptops in the grave


11 months 14 days ago

Okay, after rooting my GS5 AT&T Version and removing a crapload of bloatware and such. I have fine tuned TW and now run at a steadyish ~600 MB of RAM. Running in Easy Mode takes it down to ~455 MB. I ran AnTuTu right when I got the phone and pegged 33546. I am now at 39705 tops for 1 run and a steady ~38600 most other times. I am still modding and I have not yet switched the Run Time to ART. I have zero apps installed right now. I am going to get this bitch to 40000+ if it kills me. I will be posting screen shots later. Running a 20 KB solid black 370×800 gif wallpaper grabbed me 350 points over stock Samsung wallpapers.

11 months 13 days ago

“I am going to get this bitch to 40000+ if it kills me.”

And then what? No I’m not trying to troll you off but really? Consider these:-
1. Benchmarks at most or at best presents a ROUGH yardstick no more no less. Same applies to PC side of benchmarks. At the end of the day it’s your real world use case that counts. If you’re attempting to prove a point that your SD801 powered phone are about as equal to or even better than Exynos 5433, if the latter thing are actually a A57/53 combo then it has already won by merit of future proofing alone (64 bit/aarch64/ARMv8) Antutu scores be damned. Sorry to say but by that alone consider your S5 to be obsolete buddy. Also the strong possibility that even these numbers are highly inaccurate if 5433 truly is A57/53 considering that last time I checked Antutu’s latest are ill equipped to properly gauge ARMv8 SoCs?

2. I wouldn’t take Exynos’ Antutu figures seriously if I were you. Remember the previous Exynos “benchmark optimization” fiasco? Let’s wait this out until proven otherwise.

3. Wrong mod…A Tw infested official Samsung fw and the term “optimized” NEVER run in the same sentence no matter how hard you tweak it. Get rid of that thing and flash a custom AOSP based ROM + kernel instead. Profit.

11 months 14 days ago

5433 not 64bit gsmarena saying its 64bit

11 months 14 days ago

fuck yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah TEGRA K1

11 months 14 days ago

You know that Nvidia does even fabricate their own chip? right? they are completely at the mercy of TSM, which is a manufacturer of processors and GPUs for computers?

11 months 13 days ago

Leave him alone. He knows what he’s saying!
go K1

11 months 14 days ago

Nvidia does not fabricate their own chip.

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