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Rumor: Samsung to produce Apple’s A-series mobile chips in 2015

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Yesterday, it was reported that Qualcomm has turned to Samsung for production of its mobile processors, based on Samsung’s 14nm FinFET process. Now, a rumor has surfaced, suggesting that Samsung will also be the main manufacturer responsible for producing Apple’s next-generation A-series mobile SoC, also based on the same 14nm process. This new A-series chip is expected to power the iPhone in 2015 (the iPhone 7, or whatever the Cupertino giant decides to call its flagship after the iPhone 6.)

Samsung has been fabricating Apple’s mobile CPUs since the iPhone 4, but last year, Apple reduced its dependence on the Korean manufacturer by inking a deal with TSMC. TSMC is expected to produce a large number of orders for the processor that will be used in the iPhone 6 along with Samsung, but according to KGI Securities analyst Michael Liu, Apple will be going back to getting most of its chips from Samsung next year.


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3 comments on “Rumor: Samsung to produce Apple’s A-series mobile chips in 2015

  1. vantt1 7 months ago said:

    The iPhone 6′s successor is obviously going to be the 6S!

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  2. iKroneaous 7 months ago said:

    This was confirmed when Apple signed a 5yr extension of their A series contract, when Samsung went live with info that they’d achieved success on their own 14nm process. It’s why Global Semiconductors is partnering on licensing Samsung’s process technology instead of their own as it was semi 14nm…. not true 14nm like Samsung has gone to!

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