Alleged Samsung Galaxy S5 Prime poses for the camera

PhoneArena has just published three pictures allegedly showing the much speculated and long rumoured Samsung Galaxy S5 Prime, which the publication received from an anonymous tipster. According to the pictures, it looks like the device features a metal frame with the same perforated back as seen on the original Galaxy S5, however it’s a bit curved now. The bezel around the display has significantly been reduced, much like how it was with the Galaxy S4. It also appears that Samsung has moved the loud speaker grill from the back to the bottom of the device, alongside the USB 3.0 port.

The Galaxy S5 Prime is expected to sport a 5.2-inch QHD (2560×1440) display, an Exynos 5430/Snapdragon 805 processor, 3GB of RAM, a 16-megapixel rear camera with Samsung’s ISOCELL technology, LTE-A connectivity, and Android 4.4.3 KitKat. It will apparently launch in black, white, blue, gold and pink color options.

As usual, take this news with a pinch of salt because nothing has been made official or confirmed by the Korean giant itself.

Leaked-pictures-of-the-Samsung-Galaxy-S5-Prime (1)

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  1. same shit

    • Lol how can you say that its aluminium with a 2k screen

      • it’s ugly and looks the same, for me is the same shit..

        • Same goes for the HTC ONE M8, Sony Xperia Z2, Iphones, LG etc.

        • Just admit you are a confirmed iCrAppleholic soft bendable breakable iScratchGate and AlumiGate device lover! You MAD…. because Samsung is going to again sell more than twice as many smartphones as CrApple. Which is why Samsung proves that they are better at LIFE….. than YOU or Apple! lol…. mwaahahaha…… ;-P Plus Mad because you’re too buttugly to homely to have a girlfriend or a boyfried!!! :D

  2. s5 but s=same either way i wont buy it

  3. Samsung will be their own downfall.

    • Yeah yeah, that’s why sold 10 million S5 units in 25 says

      • * 11 million GS5, 2 days less than the GS4, 1 million tops GS4′s sales. ;)

  4. Now that’s what I’m talking about! A well thought-out(refined)version of the current Galaxy S5!

    Look at the bezels, & the speaker next to the usb flap.

    The usb flap seems more slimmer than the stantard GS5′s USB flap.

    Wonder if the screen is using 5.2″ QHD SAMOLED?

  5. I like the metal frame. Does the back cover case have a polycarbonate material?

  6. Hate having the speaker in that location on the Note 3. It always gets covered by my fingers when I’m holding the phone. I wish they would find a way to incorporate front mounted speakers for better audio. Something along the lines what HTC has done with the One M7 and M8.

    Oh well, maybe the Note 5 or the S6…

  7. How can people complain for this kind of technology and say they are shit or blla blla blla, if you are a Samsung fan you should appreciate the technology that Samsung is discovered,so Samsung is Samsung and they just can’t satisfy everyone in this world either can others ! Samsung FTW

  8. FAKE PICTURE !!! I do a lot of photoshop work, this is far from a professional made photo. its a normal S5 with weird back cover (very thick ! ) and expanded screen. The lines of the screen are warped, the home button is warped and the wallpaper is warped, the notification icons are way to up, non one stock samsung firmware have the icons so far up, they are touching the screen. Give me 30min and i will make much better photo !!!

    • We’re still waiting. It’s been 21 hours now.

      • I have work to do, im not really gonna spend my time on making fake pictures…on second thought tomorrow i have nothing to do, i might as well make one picture i have the S5 in black its gonna be easy. Where do you want to upload it btw ?!

    • Thick cover is just official wireless charge enabled cover. I doubt you are really professional in photoshop because it’s just S5 photo. Will S5 Prime have the same to S5 design or not – is another question. Actually, i would prefer the same – it means i can use any S5 covers. Otherwise it will be extremely hard to find any 3rd party bumpers and covers since S5 Prime will be launched in limited amount in Korea only.

      • You are one of those people who expected a lot from the S5 and than got disappointed when it came out. I can tell.
        This is just the s5 photoshoped, not an s5 prime. The speaker at the bottom is a cut out from the note 3, the screen on top left its warped and the image is transformed (not very well made. The cover is not an official one. Wireless charging takes only 0.1mm that is 0.04 inch in thickness. The design can not change for the Prime do you know why ?! because samsung is not a company that will make new machines for its factorys only for `limited amount in Korea only` Please download the images, zoom in them and explain how can low resolution blured image look like this !! this is not a real photo ! plus the charging cover, there is no way to take it off, on the s5 there is a space for your nail to fit and remove the cover !! this 3 crap of pictures are as fake as they come !!!

        • So is this just a forgery, just to deceive people, like us?

          Talk about a waste of time to hype…

  9. i am totall agreed with @brane871 … my self not a PS professional but do for fun and its is easy to do fake photo and this one look in most point fake…as @brane871 say (the screen on top left its warped and the image is transformed ) and much more but you will never understand that

  10. Just got confirmation from a source, the device leaked by @phonearena is real and definitely exists.
    However, the device might not be a member of the Galaxy S family. I’m not 100% sure, but this might actually be the GALAXY Alpha.

    Faryaab on twitter..

  11. Finally a well placed speaker, love my S5 but this rear facing speaker shit has to stop!

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