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Samsung SM-G906S appears in Hong Kong with QHD display, Snapdragon 805, Android 4.4.3


The Samsung SM-G906S, which is expected to be one of the variants of the upcoming Galaxy S5 Prime, has decided to make yet another appearance in the wild. We saw it get mentioned in a Samsung document recently without any details attached, but now, the SM-G906S has appeared in a pricing database in Hong Kong along with specs. These are listed as including a Snapdragon 805 processor (the international/non-Korean model could come with an Exynos processor with an Intel LTE modem), 3GB of RAM, a QHD display (2560×1440), and a 16-megapixel camera. The phone is said to be running the yet unannounced Android 4.4.3, which we’ve heard is also coming to the Galaxy S5 (and possibly other devices) pretty soon.

All these specs have already been rumored to be part of the Galaxy S5 Prime, and though no official confirmation has ever cropped up about the device, it’s clear that Samsung is prepping a more powerful version of the Galaxy S5 in the SM-G906. Recent rumors have suggested that the phone could be produced only in limited qualities due to the high cost associated with developing QHD AMOLED displays, and judging by the fact that the phone is listed as the “Galaxy S5 LTE-A”, it could be an exclusive to Samsung’s home country initially.

With so many instances of the SM-G906 making an appearance in the open, it shouldn’t be long before Samsung makes the device official. Well, unless the listing on the Hong Kong website is a fake based on existing rumors, though we suspect that might not be the case.


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6 comments on “Samsung SM-G906S appears in Hong Kong with QHD display, Snapdragon 805, Android 4.4.3

  1. gtone339 9 months ago said:

    Maybe the chassis build could be the same as the regular GS5 and the screen Res could be QHD?

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  2. Nate B. 9 months ago said:

    If it’s the same design but the screen res is just higher, then the phone really isn’t better to me. Samsung has been really unorganized this year and lately actually. Saturating the market with no clear focus.

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  3. JohnK 9 months ago said:

    Maybe it will be just named S5 Advance with a bit boosted specs to not confuse people with same chassis as gtone339 said, just like they did with S4 Advance but with less changes.

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