Samsung explains ‘Modern Flash’ UX and back cover design concept behind Galaxy S5

Samsung is back with yet another in-depth look at some of the thought that went into designing the Galaxy S5 and its hardware. This time, the company has talked about the UX and back cover design concept behind its latest flagship, which its engineers dubbed “Modern Flash”, a “sophisticated and youthful urban style with emotion.” The new design ideology is noticeable right from the lockscreen, where Samsung has opted for “colorful diamond-like shapes” and ditched the nature-inspired look from previous Galaxy S flagships, with the diamonds giving it a sophisticated look. The wallpaper itself was selected to showcase colors that would look good on the AMOLED display, something that it has also done on devices like the Galaxy Note 3.

The interface and app icons have also been redesigned to be more simpler and stylish. For example, gone are the 12 hour dots in the clock icon, leaving just the hour, minute and second hands; similarly, the music icon is now a music note inside a circle instead of a play sign inside a circle with the music note at the side. Icons are also rounder and cleaner, though this does make things look a bit odd in some areas, like the notifications area. Also reduced is the number of total apps installed on the device, from 51 on the Note 3 to 40 on the Galaxy S5, something which Samsung did after reading data on what apps its consumers use the most.

Samsung also details why it went with the band-aid-like look for the back cover, with the design team having “touched hundreds of fabrics in different colors, sizes, and types such as plastic, wood, textiles, glass, and adhesives” before deciding on sheepskin leather with small holes for a more tactile feel in-hand. There’s a lot more Samsung talks about, so go ahead and check out the source link for all the details.




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  1. Will we ever see this UI in older devices like Note 3 or S4?

  2. When do we get QHD display phablets in Indian region?

  3. When you look at it, they haven’t changed much. It’s still very immature and cluttered. Looks better but not good. Their UX always look like completely different teams designed it.

    • True but they’re heading towards the right direction. Hopefully the NOTE ’4′ removes even more bloat-ware & fixes the settings menu. Too much icons there.

  4. Samsung is indeed heading towards the right direction, but they need to refine the design even further, and please make all of the pre-installed apps optional DLC apps in the future.

    • Most are not preinstalled on S5 unlike previous Galaxy S. Even some modes of the camera need to be downloaded from Samsung Apps now whereas they were present by defaut on S4.

      • Okay not all though, but it would be great if we could have given that option in the future.

  5. The menu is fine, can be perfected tho but still :

    you can customize that menu, Open/Close some of those sections, add your most accessed items in your top list. And even get back to a list or tabs like before.

    All of these are not said in reviews and pictures. You need to own one to know it.

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