Next Galaxy Note to feature a new form factor

In a wide-ranging interview with Reuters, Samsung’s senior VP for product strategy Yoon Han-kil mentioned that the manufacturer was working on a new Tizen handset that will launch later this quarter. In addition, he also mentioned that a smartwatch running Android Wear was in the works, and that it would be available sometime later this year. Yoon also stated in the interview that Samsung will be launching the next version of the Galaxy Note with a “new form factor” in the second half of 2014. Yoon did not elaborate further on what the form factor would be, but it is clear that the manufacturer is looking for the next big breakthrough.

Samsung is said to be focusing on the wearable segment this year, but that doesn’t mean that the manufacturer will not lavish attention on its smartphone line. It is likely that Samsung would utilize a curved display that folds to the sides of the device. The three-sided display uses Samsung’s Youm flexible screen technology and allows users to view incoming notifications and read messages at an angle. This isn’t the first time we’re hearing rumors of a three-sided screen on the next version of the Galaxy Note. In February, there were indications that Samsung would utilize this technology in the next version of the Galaxy Note device. In addition to the three-sided display, the device is said to be water and dust resistant, much like the Galaxy S5. What do you think of such a device? Would you be interested in buying a Galaxy note with a three-sided screen?



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  1. Nothing special…

    • you know youm display is plastic that not break thats not special :P – you know how much pricey to fix broken glass – in my country it cost 90 kd for broken screen :( in us maybe 320$

      • Slide a hair-pin on it and let me know your reaction.

        • lool i didnt say it wont scratch but its great when you drop your phone and still not have broken line that i can take it off using my finger nail loool :D

          • Well duh! You forgot about that plastic will tear if you scratch on it’s surface! :p

        • @gtone339 hahaha…. hair-pin, lol… are you kidding? YOUM Screens are coated with Graphene (single atom thickness) Matrix protective layer, harder than Diamonds you fool! ;-P

          Which means it’s indestructible, even after being hit by a hammers, scratched with stainless steel and even man made diamonds without so much as a scratch! :D ….even emerald, beryl, rubies MOHS scale of 9 can’t touch it!!!

          • Fool? Well how would you know that it will be used for it? Huh? :p

            Anyway, Graphene is still in R&D so I doubt that Samsung would just use it for the Note 4.

            I say the Galaxy S 6 & beyond will. :)

  2. Note 4 will be the best smartphone of 2014 :D will buy it for sure .

    • Too big for my appetite! Sticking with the Galaxy S5 instead. :)

      • I have s5 :D but I have bigger hands so I like bigger screens..note 3 was perfect for me..and I love note series more ;)

      • I have s5 :D but I have bigger hands so I like bigger screens..note 3 was perfect for me..and I love note series more ;)

  3. Unless the note 4 has breakthrough new features as a totally new form factor or technology I won’t switch my note 3.
    So Sammy work hard in that.

    • Consumer choice really! Yeah what’s the point of you buying a yearly phone if you just recently bought your Note 3?

      Why not just wait for the Note 5 instead or the Galaxy S6 with 64bit Soc from Qualcomm?

  4. i will buy it if it come with : 1- youm three sided display the screen probably going to be plastic which mean hard to break that’s sound great . 2- if the next note equipped with 64 bit soc with new android – 3 having 2k display – 4- probably 4 gigs of ram – if these speculation is true don’t tell me people not going to buy it note 3 people going to be so jealous lool thats why i will upgrade from s3 to note 4
    cheeers :)

    • Unlikely that the Note 4 will have the 64 bit ready. Good scenario for Samsung is that they would stick with 32 bit Soc for it and use the 64 bit snapdragon 810 for the Galaxy S6 next year.

      Don’t know about the QHD resolution for it though! You really need a massive MAH battery to combat it’s battery drain! :)

      • well the snapdragon will not be high end 64 bit this year but maybe the exynos version go for 64 bit as samsung saying there 64 bit soc are ready when os android supported it – the main reason why samsung still not show it in s5 because android still not supported it – hope the 4.5 or 5.0 go for 64 bit – so maybe note 4 going to compete with snapdragon 805 vs 64 bit exynos .

  5. I am interested and I am due for an upgrade. I’ll definitely be buying one this fall when it comes to Verizon.

  6. It seems they promised something new with the S4 and we got plastic dimples this year (aka, the ‘band-aid’ look). While I hope for something sleek, sexy, and usable, Samsung hasn’t given much reason to expect anything better. A multi-sided screen could be interesting, but they need to do something far more interesting with the form factor.

    My other wishlist items (aside from bigger, better, faster, more):
    - Give users the option to choose between the Google Experience or Touchwiz during the initial setup.
    - Follow the lead set by Motorola and strip the software to the basic core with few USEFUL features, then push the main apps (and crapware) to the Play Store.
    - For the love of gods, get rid of the physical home button.

    • with A few USEFUL features…

    • Oh my Gosh!! Not another CONSUMER DEMAND WISHLIST! :P

      Great, now OEM’s really need years of Research & Development to create a near-perfect device.

      Love it or hate it, we love to brag about this.

      To be honest, I love the polycarbonate chassis design for the Galaxy S3, S4 & S5.

      I will never hate it! :)

  7. Am I the one,who thinks that this sucks?

  8. i left SONY jut because NOTE series.

    note is ONE , really #1

    i waiting for more features on note 4

  9. I sincerely hope *that* isn’t the design… because if it is, that’s it, no more Note for me..

    It looks like something a roadworker dropped and the tarmac machine consequently ran over twice …

  10. I’m not looking forward to a screen as displayed in this article (curved screen around the edges), so if that is the case with the Note 4 I’ll pass and start looking at other brands as replacement for my Note 1

  11. Seriously this is a ridiculous idea. I am certainly interested in a large form factor phone and the Note 4 is at the top of my list. But this is a gimmicky thing and won’t be very practical. Cases for this thing are going to be a challenge. If you use a folio folding cover, the left side display won’t be visible.

    Plastic will be less durable to finger swiping. It will will wear like a screen protector gets worn out. Not nice. I think I’d prefer Gorilla Glass on a +700$ device.

    It also seems to me that the device might be thicker than what would be possible without the curved sides.

    As it stands if the Note 4 goes gimmicky I may opt for a Sony Xperia Z2(ultra) or another > 5.5″ device such as the rumored OnePlus One.

    Just because they can build it, doesn’t mean they should.

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