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Galaxy S5 reportedly a massive hit on launch day, beats demand for the Galaxy S4

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This shouldn’t exactly come as surprising to anyone, but according to a report from ZDNet Korea, the Galaxy S5 has enjoyed strong sales on launch day, surpassing launch-day sales of the Galaxy S4 by over 30 percent. In some European markets, demand for the S5 was twice higher than that of the S4′s, with stores in quite a few cities seeing people queuing up outside a few hours before the phone went on sale in over 125 countries on April 11. Apparently, sales would have been even higher had stocks not been depleted in some regions, indicating that demand is outstripping supply.

Samsung is reportedly taking it as a sign that despite all the talk about the high-end smartphone market reaching saturation, people are still looking towards picking up the next big thing and are being drawn by features such as the high-resolution camera and the phone’s waterproof body. The company will be extending the phone’s available in over 25 markets in the coming weeks, and if the initial sales are any indication, it looks like the Galaxy S5 might reach multi-million sales figures much faster than its predecessor.

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19 comments on “Galaxy S5 reportedly a massive hit on launch day, beats demand for the Galaxy S4

  1. q8peace 10 months ago said:

    really good phone i play with it a little the back is kinda leather feeling not cheap plastic – you can call it premium plastic loool – wish all the best for people who bought it really great upgrade for people who bought s3 like me :)

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  2. gtone339 10 months ago said:

    EPIC!! Go Samsung! Next, reach 10 million + Galaxy S5 unit sales milestone!

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  3. pbm5362 10 months ago said:

    I’ll be getting mine tomorrow. Can’t wait!

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  4. wong.kmb 10 months ago said:

    Got mine yesterday. It is flawless, definitely a great upgrade from my 2 year old S3.

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  5. neotheone 10 months ago said:

    Got mine on friday and upgrated too, from my great s3 to S5. Great screen resolution could realy be the best phone this year. Greatings

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  6. grv007 10 months ago said:

    I got mine for 41k in india :D awesome phone.

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  7. ryarrell 10 months ago said:

    At the end of the day it’s the Samsung experience android users care most about NOT the overall android platform and that’s Google’s biggest fear. It’s definitely Plain and simple nothing beats Samsung period.

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  8. cyberfrost 10 months ago said:

    I would have bought one, had it come with 4G LTE in India. Not having LTE kinda repelled me. Nice phone though. If Samsung can launch 4G LTE variant in India, I will be the first in line to buy.

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  9. robertazz 10 months ago said:

    im still waiting for it to come out for sale in Malta if all goes well tomorrow i will go and pick it up cant wait

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