Posted by Harish J 10 months ago

T-Mobile and Samsung to offer $200 to users to switch from a BlackBerry device


It looks like T-Mobile CEO John Legere is going all-out to ensure that users on his carriers wean away from Blackberry devices. After stating last month that the contract between T-Mobile and BlackBerry will not be renewed, Legere has announced trade-in deals for existing BlackBerry users. The latest such offer lets users receive a gift card for as much as $200 for trading in their BlackBerry handsets. The deal will be valid until the end of the year, and is actually a timely one considering that Samsung just launched the Galaxy S5 yesterday.

What is interesting about this offer is that T-Mobile’s site mentions that users would get $100 credit to make the switch from a BlackBerry handset to any other vendor’s offering, but $200 is they were to choose a Samsung handset. If you’re a BlackBerry user looking to make the switch to the Galaxy S5, this is the ideal time to do so.



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One comment on “T-Mobile and Samsung to offer $200 to users to switch from a BlackBerry device

  1. naarendt 10 months ago said:

    Why couldn’t you have offered this deal late LAST DECEMBER 2013? I turned in my BlackBerry for Galaxy S4.

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