Samsung posts an official hands-on video of the Galaxy S5

After a more subdued launch for the Galaxy S5 that did not feature any theatrics that Samsung used for the Galaxy S4 unveil, the manufacturer has posted an official hands-on video of the device on its YouTube page. The video highlights key features of the Galaxy S5, like the perforated back, the new 5.1-inch screen with Adaptive Display technology and the fingerprint scanner that can also be used to authenticate payments. Software additions like the new power saving mode and the new S Health utility that works in conjunction with the heart rate sensor are also showcased.

The Galaxy S5 comes with a new 16 MP camera that has the fastest camera shutter, Selective Focus, rich tone HDR and the ability to shoot 4K video. In addition to the Galaxy S5, the video also features Samsung’s new wearables: The Gear 2, Gear 2 Neo and the Gear Fit. What are your thoughts on the Galaxy S5? Do you think the device is a worthy successor to the Galaxy S4? Sound off below.


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  1. Horrible design. It’s actually frustrating. It really made me believe there had to be a premium version based on how it looked. I don’t even think the software looks any better, but that’s something I can tolerate. Spec wise it’s nice though. I’ll pass up on it.

  2. No….. Not at all….
    There’s no much change in the design….. The only change is the processor and camera that is always there and a new finger print scanner….

    • What about the faster internet connection, download booster, heart rate senzor, etc. Why is everyone expecting great changes from Samsung when others barley changed something in their phones for years? When apple changed only the finger print scanner everyone was amazed.


  4. Why do i feel like Samsung is copying Apple

    • You feel like everyone is copying Apple

    • Because you’re a bona fide iCrAppleholic! ;-P

      Why do I feel CrApple Copied Samsung and Motorola and Stole Lisa Frank’s Girly Girl Theme for iOS7? Because they did. Motorola had the first Smartphone with an Authentec sensor in it. Samsung would have had first sensor in Home Button, since they had applied for a Patent using an Authentec Sensor in Galaxy S3 in 2011. But…. Apple freaked out (like usual) because Samsung was going to beat them. So they did what they always do…. BOUGHT AUTHENTEC OUT FROM UNDER ALL THE COMPETITION!

      The FACT remains that Samsung isn’t into GRANDSTANDING on the FACT, that they’ve been using fingerprint sensor in various products since 2002. They started using Authentec Sensors in 2004 in Notebooks and had other sensors in Pro Notebooks since 2002. They supply the majority of Biometric Door Locks to Medical Field, Enterprise and Government since 2002 as well with fingerprint sensors from a variety of sensor makers.

      In fact….. Samsung is listed as Prior Art on Apple’s fingerprint sensor in iPhone 5s and all they did was modify it so they couldn’t get sued. Apple originally was going to use a sensor under the screen glass. But Authentec had yield problems and didn’t get it out in time because it’s an all in one design IC and Sensor put together. Whereas Validity uses separate IC from the sensor. Meaning they can make thinner as well as now ready to produce transparent sensors and that’s what Apple will have to do too!

      But… Validity is already able to do that. The Galaxy S5 model introduced is not the only one to be launched. They’re coming out with a 64bit Exynos Octa and chips have been coming off line since January 2013, since they licensed ARM A50 Series in summer 2012. Which was when ARM released ARMv8 instruction sets. Samsung, IBM and ARM had been working on them and die shrink to their HKMG Gate First Process Fabrication since 2008! ….and this means Apple is the COPYIST and have been since Copying Xerox PARC’s GUI and MOUSE! …..Copying LG’s Capacitive Screen in Prada out in 2006 as well as Samsung’s Multimedia Smartphone SGH-Z610 out earlier in 2006!!!

  5. No ths S5 is not a worthy successor to the S4, the design should have been diffrent, as it is hardly distinguishable from the S4. Have been using Samsung mobile phones for the past 7-8 years from S2,S3,S4 to Note3. Definitely not going to invest in a S5. Rather disappointing actually.

  6. No looks similar to S4. I am not going to upgrade to it only just for fingerprint sensor.ram remains same 2 GB while note 3 has 3 GB. Samsung has stopped working on their phones because they know their phones will sell like hot cakes.but first compare it to s4 and see for yourself that for a finger print sensor,heart rate sensor,and 16 mp camera,is it worth the upgrade.i am going this time with xperia z2 and keep my s4 with me.and also it is using more storage than s4 as seen above.Samsung is cheating on its customers.

    • note has 3 gb because the digitizer from wacom eats memory like hell and 2 gb for s5 is more than enough kitkat uses only 512 so duh

  7. Will wait until it’s out in April.

  8. What a huge disappointment. S5? really? This is more like a S4-S
    No way am I upgrading from an S4 to S5.

    • More like S4 Active (with the IP67, heartrate monitor and some other features).

      I think from now on Samsung will go for S-Sport/Active and F-Flagship (2k, 64bit, etc)… HOPEFULY.

  9. Finally, a worthy replacement for my aging S2. Given that I considered the S3 and S4 ‘failures’, I believe this is a nice upgrade to the S4.

    Yes I would have loved 3GB of RAM but 2GB should be good enough given the snappy snapdragon SOC coupled with KitKat. Not really a fan of the Exynos variants given the overheating issues I have experienced on the S2, S3, S4.

    If the price is right, I will definitely be an early adopter come April 11th.

    • people had extreme expectations at the same time they think more is better
      i had a n9 nokia(1gb) that could run 40 apps with ease and my samsung gs3(1gb)
      that after a few opened apps became slow and buggy.
      ram makes difference only when its optimised so if the 2gb are optimised(they are)the phone has no need for extra ram(the only thing more ram does..makes the phone more expensive doh)

    • Believe me – Snapdragon in N9005 is overheating. Just record a 10min. 4k video and you’ll see how hot the Note can get.



  11. It’s the S4 Advanced with a new name. Nothing new.

  12. These people just want to complain. If apple would have rolled out these features these people would have been so amazed. But because Samsung came up with some interesting stuff they can’t take it. Idiots. IPhone 5 and 5s look exactly the same, only change being the finger print scanner. And you wowed the design because it came in gold.

    I am not against apple. It makes great phones. But stop undermining others innovation just because apple makes more beautiful products.

    Samsung should be lauded for these new features and newer design, though not much different. The only reason Samsung sticks with polycarbonate is so that the users can have removable battery and extra memory.

    Had apple been the one doing that, all fanboys would have gone nuts.

    C’mon give it a break. Samsung is awesome, so is apple.

  13. very disappointing, no novelty in the design was not what many expected.

  14. hey guys, let’s be honest! … everything about this new FlagSH*T is good except the UGLY design… so if there’s a PREMIUM version … :))

  15. I expected a better design than S4 but what Disappointed me the most is lack of Full Magazine UI. Samsung, what happened????? My hopes were so high, because after Tab pro and Note pro, I expected same UI. Pliiiiizzzzz Samsung, if you read this, reply and tell me why or send an update to S5 with Magazine UI. Tho the other features are great and applicable and will definitely buy one come launch date

  16. After buying S4 I would pass this version. No metallic body, no changes in dull samsung Touch wiz UI

  17. Desigh is the same as in galaxy S4. it seems Samsung designers loose their creativeness abilities))) I can do it better)))

    • And it is time to work on battery life. in every update of android Samsungs adds new programs that are working in RAM memory all day long and eating your battery.
      I am using Samsung galaxy s3. it has 800 Mb RAM for programs and Samsungs programs tooks 700 Mb of this memory. It is impossible to use phone without rooting it and extending your battary.
      Secondly Samsung increses the number of cores in every next generation with liitle changed battary. I think it is time to think about battery that can work normally with this all CPU cores)))

  18. Wonderful, this dust and water protection of s5! I am thinking if the Samsung already corrected the common defect in the S4. Ten days after receiving my brand new s4, the GLASS HAS BROKEN, CRACKED, from left to the right, NO drops, twista, pressure or heat. Absolutely nothing. Happily, it is working fine, no problem at all, but with a cracked glass. When someone asks what is this, I answer: it’s Samsung famous gorilla glass technology.
    It seems that the S5 glass is the same S4 famous UNBREAKABLE Gorilla Glass.

    • thats f#cked up but you are not alone my sony experia z (“shatter proof glass”)was broken when i got it damn.

  19. good….fantastic…

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