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Status – SamMobile Firmware page

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Leading up to the debut of SamMobile 3.0 over the weekend, one of the biggest requests we had from our users was a move away from TeraFile as our firmware host to one that is faster and more convenient. It’s a demand we complied with eagerly, introducing a dedicated server where we host all our firmware files along with SamMobile 3.0, but unfortunately, due to a small snag, our firmware page has unceremoniously decided to stop working, making firmware files completely inaccessible.

The firmware page itself might still work for you, but you might not be able to download a firmware file. We’re working to fix this at the moment and should get it up and running in a couple of hours, but until then, we’d like to apologize for the issue, especially if you urgently needed a specific firmware but were unable to access it. We’ll update our readers when the firmware page goes up, after which you will able to download firmware without any waiting periods or the nuisance of slow transfer speeds that have plagued SamMobile’s firmware section in the past.

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16 comments on “Status – SamMobile Firmware page

  1. AdL2012 12 months ago said:

    this is a good news

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  2. brandon gavin 12 months ago said:

    hurry up please i need some stock nz roms for galaxy s3 mini GT-18190T please help meeee!!

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  3. 88scythe 12 months ago said:

    Congratulations on the rebirth guys. I hope downloading firmware won’t be such a problem as a few days ago (as in: no way to ever download anything via TeraFile.) If it works as it should, can I donate somewhere for the efforts you guys are doing for the Android community?
    Nice job on the lay-outing too. Looks nice!

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    • DannyD 12 months ago said:

      You can download fws with your sammobile account. There is no need to donate us. You always could join our premium membership :)

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  4. cjsavage84 12 months ago said:

    any news when it will be back up mate?

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  5. kishd 12 months ago said:

    Tried to download but the site seems down. Really need the firmware now. Hope it gets sorted soon.

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  6. Julian85 12 months ago said:

    Felicitaciones Sammobile! excelente sitio web.

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  7. suraj10685 12 months ago said:

    I’m not able to download “” :(…connection get disconnected, seems host is rebooting

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  8. corduroysack 12 months ago said:

    Great news it needed doing

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  9. firebladeash 12 months ago said:

    I have been trying to download the Firmware for my S3 the whole day without any success.
    Please “SAMMOBILE”, PLEASE fix the issue for us quickly.

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  10. grove39 12 months ago said:

    be patient people, it will be done as soon as they can get it done

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  11. Ssdreams75 12 months ago said:

    I m from Saudi Arabia. When Note 3 SM-N9005 will get kitkat 4.4.2 in Saudi Arabia?

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  12. tigernewskai 12 months ago said:

    Watch to your crystal ball

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  13. Enkhbayar 12 months ago said:

    Hi guys I want this one samsung galaxy note3 made in Vietnam I live in mongolia I wanna just firmware N900XXUCMK2 please help mee I hope I will update my phone kitkat 4.4.2

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  14. ajorloo 12 months ago said:

    when can use 4.4.2 on n900T ?
    can I flash n9005 rom on n900t ? how?
    please answer my questions

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  15. prosal 12 months ago said:

    Still can’t download get not login error, i am logged in.

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