The Galaxy Note 3 Neo is now available in Indonesia for $555

Samsung officially announced the Galaxy Note 3 Neo last week, and within a day, its pricing details were divulged by a German website. Now another retailer, this time from Indonesia, has listed the Galaxy Note 3 Neo for sale in the country.Indokom has listed the Galaxy Note 3 Neo for $555, which is slightly more realistic to the $715 tag that is placed by the German store Notebooksbilliger.

However, it is not yet known whether the $555 price is for the LTE version of the handset with the hexa-core processor, or the regular 3G variant of the device. The 3G variant is listed on the German site for $675, which is still a great deal more than what is being listed by Indokom. The 3G version of the Note 3 Neo is said to come with a quad-core processor and will offer dual-SIM functionality. The device is said to be officially launched by the last week of February. Interestingly, Indokom calls the device the Galaxy Note 3 Lite in its marketing poster, so it remains to be seen whether the device will be listed as the Note 3 Lite or Note 3 Neo in the country.

Note 3 Neo Indonesia


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  1. $555? That’s ridiculous…why would anyone buy this and not spend the extra 85 to 95 dollars to get a real note 3? I mean that’s even the lte snapdragon 800 with 4k video….what the hell is samsung doing?


    • In some markets the Note 3 costs upwards of $700, so if the Note 3 Neo’s price manages to be around $550 in those markets, then it’s actually a pretty good deal. Should go down in a few weeks to lower price points.

      • It’s not a pretty good deal at all Imo…not for a note 2 in a different body and processor. Your basically paying for a note 2 in a mini note 3 body, if this processor even proves to be as fast as the quad cortex a9 based expos 4412. I’d rather buy a legit note 2 for less, or spend the extra little bit for a much much better note 3. But that’s just me


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