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SamMobile Weekly Samsung Firmware Update List, Volume 1 Issue 5


The second month of the year has arrived pretty quickly, and Samsung hasn’t been sitting idle in the meantime, updating more and more devices in the last seven days. So here’s the Weekly Samsung Firmware Update List, Volume 1, Issue 5 from SamMobile, which you can download at the link below to check out which device got which update and in which country in the last week. For those who would like to get these updates daily, kindly make sure to follow @SamKiesUpdates on Twitter. Samsung updates devices by using Samsung KIES or OTA (over the air) – of course, all of these firmware are available for download from SamMobile’s firmware page.

SamMobile Update List Volume 1 Issue 5

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23 comments on “SamMobile Weekly Samsung Firmware Update List, Volume 1 Issue 5

  1. allcilagdo 12 months ago said:

    When android 4.4 for note 2!!!

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    • pbm5362 12 months ago said:

      Its already been reported on this site as well as others that the Note 2, as well as the S3 will get 4.4.2 by the end of March.

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  2. karthikawesomes 12 months ago said:

    when will be official 4.4 for note 2 ..?

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  3. mahyar mohseni 12 months ago said:

    آقا برای ایران اصلا نمیاد اگه نمیاد ما بریم رام یه کشور دیگرو بریزیم ایران ایران ایران نوت2

  4. zStrikEz 12 months ago said:

    What about 4.4 for Galaxy s 4?

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  5. manuelkoliqi 12 months ago said:

    you guys talking about Android 4.4 but I haven’t got yet Android 4.3 for my Note 2. In 2 weeks it will be 3 months waiting for it. WHAT A SHAME!!!!

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  6. fizzano 12 months ago said:


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  7. trolloface 12 months ago said:

    When 4.4 for note 2??

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  8. smithss 12 months ago said:

    When 4.4.2 for GT-I9500??? Thx!!

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  9. CKSMonster 12 months ago said:

    Hi I’m from South Africa i got a s3 and few of my friends and got phone like for now a year i didn’t receive updates not even for standard 4.1.2 OS come with. I;m really unhappy to Samsung In our country we would probably get next year a update

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  10. ABMmarwan 12 months ago said:

    What about 4.4 for Galaxy s3 i9300

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  11. hdelvalle009 12 months ago said:

    Guys where can I get the stock rom my N900A (Note 3 AT&T) now install version 4.4.2 filtered want to go back to stock!

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  12. MAMM2609 12 months ago said:

    When the update for Galaxy S3 4.3 version Trinidad and Tobago (TTT)?

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  13. razen2001 12 months ago said:

    When the update 4.4 for GT-I9082-Galaxy Grand DUOS will be available?

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  14. hisham gassoum 12 months ago said:

    The link is not working for s3 9305 france sfr
    After all the waiting it is not working please fix it as soon as u can

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  15. albojason29 12 months ago said:

    Android 4.2.2 para el Samsung galaxy s3 mini I8190L

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  16. sanchezsmail1 12 months ago said:

    I am not able to download the android 4.4.2 update for my note 3 …..terrafile says “You can download files up to 1024 Mb only., Upgrade your account to download bigger files.”….please help !!! (((

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  17. chawrash 12 months ago said:

    Unless i9500 born of a mother who always end up going to update. Android 4.3 update for the end. A year later, the flag yet.

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