SamMobile Weekly Samsung Firmware Update List, Volume 1 Issue 4

Another week just passed us by, and Samsung managed to push out almost 300 updates to various devices. So here’s the Weekly Samsung Firmware Update List, Volume 1, Issue 4 from SamMobile, which you can download at the link below to check out which device got which update and in which country in the last seven days. For those who would like to get these updates daily, kindly make sure to follow @SamKiesUpdates on Twitter. Samsung updates devices by using Samsung KIES or OTA (over the air) – of course, all of these firmware are available for download from SamMobile’s firmware page.

SamMobile Update List Volume 1 Issue 4

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  1. Tôi sống ở Đài loan, thiết bị tôi dùng là galaxy s3 và chúng tôi phải đợi đến khi nào mới có thể được nhận phiên bản 4.3, tôi thấy rất ức chế vì thiết bị mới đang chạy 4.4.2 còn những người sử dụng galaxy s3 vẫn dùng 4.1.2

    • vãi bác @@, trang chủ của samsung thì bác phải xài tiếng anh chứ. nếu S3 của bác xài là bản quốc tế ( mã hiệu I9300)thì bác có thể update thông qua odin mà xài lên thôi. update thủ công bằng tay rất lẹ và đơn giản.

    • cơ mà nếu bác xài S3 mua chính hãng VN thì đợt update tháng tới là VN đc lên 4.3 rồi nhé bác :)update qua OTA được luôn.

    • :)) hơi vãi ^^ nói tiếng anh họ mới hiểu . English pls ^^

  2. and no news for their premium class Note 10.1 (n8xx)?

    Nokia – the greatest phonemaker in a century
    Samsung – just another toymaker from Asia

    • fully agree. I spent a lot of money for my top of the range Samsung phones and I am getting just as grotty support as I would get for the low-end cheapest devices. My Samsung device pool will not enlarge any furhter. When devices break, they will not be replaced by Samsung products, no mobile phone and no TV will find its way to me anymore.

      • Exactly. They are planning to launch several differend models. But for a customer who have already bought their stuff, where are updates? In case of Samsung, updating means buying totally new product.

        For example their premium class Note 10.1 released on autumn 2012 with Android 4.0. Got upgrade on january 2013 to Android 4.1. Since then, nothing… Only some updates fixing bugs and inprove stability… Where is Android 4.2? My Tf300 got it almost a year ago, spring 2013 but my Note 10.1 still having 4.1.??? Android 4.3? Android 4.4?Even their tab2 has android 4.2. And Note 10.1 was supposed to be premium class device, but even budget price tab2 gets better support?

    • For some reason you are in a Samsung site and all you do is comment against Samsung without even trying to make some valid points. You are not even a clever troll. You are just a stupid kid that for some reason hates a company!!!

      • Lucky you are grown-up as your comment.

        • Bit of a shame that you probably aren’t.

    • nooo, you are wrong, nokia is a chinese toy.

  3. Please can you tell me if samsung update the version of note (10.1N8000 ) from 4.12 to 4.3

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