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SamMobile Weekly Samsung Firmware Update List, Volume 1 Issue 3


Another week has gone by, and as is the tradition, Samsung managed to update a handful of devices to newer firmware all over the world. So here’s the Weekly Samsung Firmware Update List, Volume 1, Issue 3 from SamMobile, which you can download at the link below to check out which device got which update and in which country in the last seven days. For those who would like to get these updates daily, kindly make sure to follow @SamKiesUpdates on Twitter. Samsung updates devices by using Samsung KIES or OTA (over the air) – of course, all of these firmware are available for download from SamMobile’s firmware page.

SamMobile Update List Volume 1 Issue 3


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15 comments on “SamMobile Weekly Samsung Firmware Update List, Volume 1 Issue 3

  1. nazyr1803 1 year ago said:

    So where is the updated for grand duos i9082 XME Malaysia!? I experienced a lot of lags and hang on the phone and so far the update samsung gave make my phone become even worse. Please fix and give a new update for the phone. Dont just focus on the high end smartphone such S4 note3 and s3..

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  2. petix998 1 year ago said:

    when is update 4.2.2 or 4.4.2 for galaxy express (GT-I8730) Hungary(T-Mobile)??:O

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  3. user39 1 year ago said:

    What about I9100 Galaxy S 2 ?

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  4. Phil24 1 year ago said:

    Galaxy SIII 4.3 update completely ignored in Trinidad and Tobago and the rest of the Caribbean. It seems there’s no benefit to having these phones launch early in our countries, since we are starved for timely updates thereafter.

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  5. luckyvishu007 1 year ago said:

    Will we get an update for GT-I9300T(THL)?

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  6. tholay 1 year ago said:

    pls anyone dont upgrade your firmware on note3 and s4 unless u know what you are doing ? now a days firmware upgrading is very risky!!

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  7. william2045 1 year ago said:

    hi guys waiting for updates 4.2.2 in GS4 GTI9500 octacore in colombia overheating issues right here please try this updates for my country the phones is amazing but this overheating situation is killing me also theres is a problem with the capacity ;)

    thank you

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  8. armaguedon_18 1 year ago said:

    hola,me gustaria saber si la galaxy camera EK-GC100 se seguira actualizando,ya que se quedo a la 4.1.2 hace bastante tiempo.

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  9. gewsan 1 year ago said:

    Kit kat on devices that are not the Galaxy Note 3 and s4, only if you rub the Nestle chocolate on top of the screen. More respect, Samsung.

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  10. Phil24 1 year ago said:

    Well some good news for the region. Digicel Trinidad and Tobago began rolling out the 4.3 update today. No problems so far for me with the update.

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  11. Phil24 1 year ago said:

    That’s the 4.3 update for the Galaxy SIII…

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  12. dr.karol 1 year ago said:

    gt i9300 xsg???????????????????

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  13. NiViDiA 1 year ago said:

    Gt i9300 Samsung s3 in egypt whereee

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