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SamMobile Weekly Samsung Firmware Update List, Volume 1 Issue 2

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Last week, we started off with a weekly update list that will let our followers know which device was updated and in which region by Samsung in the last week. Well, you can now download the latest list of firmware updates from the link below. For those who would like to get these updates daily, kindly make sure to follow @SamKiesUpdates on Twitter. Samsung updates devices by using Samsung KIES or OTA (over the air) – of course, all of these firmware are available for download from SamMobile’s firmware page.

SamMobile Update List Volume 1 Issue 2 (PDF)


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34 comments on “SamMobile Weekly Samsung Firmware Update List, Volume 1 Issue 2

  1. im.a.rockstar 1 year ago said:

    if ace 3 can get android 4.2.2, why can’t S2???

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    • Abhijeet M. 1 year ago said:

      Because Ace 3 is a newer device and 4.2.2 is just one update for it. S2 already received two major updates, so that’s it for the device, that’s how it works in the Android world, sadly.

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    • emmanuelgemini 1 year ago said:

      Just in case you didn’t know, there is an 18 month update cycle. The Galaxy S2 is way over that cycle…

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      • sguyx 1 year ago said:

        just in case, you havent noticed how fast samsung gives uodates?? their update cycle should be 48 months instead of 18. Samsung can never follow google, because google releases updates more often than samsung ever does.

        just tell me why note 10.1 got 4.1. update on january 2013 but after that only updates for fixing bugs. Note 10.1 has gotten only 1 major update from 4.0 to 4.1. during this so called 18 months update cycled (bs!) because samsung didnt offer 4.2. or 4.3 updates. we have been over a year without major updates and from this bs(!) “18 months update cycle” went already 12 months without getting any. So are seriously saying that keeping people a year without updates is okay and saying that “18 months gone already, sorry no updates coming”.

        Like I say, if Samsung tries to follow Google with “18 months cycle” they should also give all those same updates! Because they dont, then their “cycle” is atleast 48 months. A one update in a year from this company it is just a bs.

        No more device from this company, they are totally lost and only making billion diff. models, variants, carrier hooked devices etc. Just a big toymaker, and no one can take them seriously anymore… Samsung will be next falling company after Nokia… But Nokia was a phone maker, Samsung is a toymaker. A big difference and respect to Nokia.

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  2. hisham gassoum 1 year ago said:

    Sfr 9305 we still waitin

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  3. honeybaba 1 year ago said:

    When 4.3 update Comes For Saudia Galaxy S3 … :( now i reallly hate samsuung update

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  4. mahyar mohseni 1 year ago said:

    iran iran iran iran iran iran iran iran

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  5. manuelkoliqi 1 year ago said:

    When Android 4.3 update for NOTE II will be available in Macedonia (VIM), I am waiting 2 months now. Whhhheeennn whhheennn?????

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    • saseleon 1 year ago said:

      My advice never update to 4.3 i did it on my s3 and note 2 and after one hour of using i return back 4.1.2 via odin. There is tooooooooo much lag, battery drain really fast and when you pres home or lock button to turn up screen so you can unlock it you have to wait 3 seconds and some times more often it freezes and when you receiving call home screen is freeze so you can answer. Samsung release without spending too much time on testing and removing bugs, thats why they have to stop update for a while and after it to resume.

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      • manuelkoliqi 1 year ago said:

        Yeah but it has more features like move app to sd card which I need it (I’m gonna buy a 64gb sd card memory).
        Is odin dangerous? Can it brick your phone?

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    • david3mkd 1 year ago said:

      ne gi cekaj brat tepaj sam so Odin

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  6. abrewanana 1 year ago said:

    when 4.3 in Ghana still on 4.1.2 been waiting for ages galaxy s3 .. ..

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  7. orlroc 1 year ago said:

    And…. Note 10.1 (GT-N8000)??? Is dead??? :(

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    • sguyx 1 year ago said:

      Yeah. We got our last update on january (a4.0 -> 4.1), then only fixes. Already year gone and noting.

      well, what can you expect from a toymaker?

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    • gewsan 1 year ago said:

      Samsung kidding. Must have something against N8000. Someone high up in the company must have had some bad experience with the device. And is taking revenge. Can only be that. Leaving the world Samsung. Going to the world Nexus.

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  8. Angeloash 1 year ago said:

    what about middle east for gt-I9300 ??? i still didn’t receive any update :’(

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  9. Franz54 1 year ago said:

    Samsung should update the GT-I9300 4.2.2 in July / August 2013 and decided to jump to 4.3 in November / December 2013, in January 2014 still no the XEF at horizon. So when we are promised 4.4 for March / April …! I laugh

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  10. larkata 1 year ago said:

    DICK FOR SAMSUNG !!! I`m waiting 6 monts android 4.3 for samsung galaxy S3 in Bulgaria…

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  11. gewsan 1 year ago said:

    I have an iPad 2 and also a N8000 (Note 10.1 – old version).
    The systems are different and I will not compare.
    But with respect to the device, Apple the Convention of 10 0.
    Not to mention that all the devices are also updated. Now that’s respect for the consumer. Regardless of whether you like this or that. Respect first.

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  12. gewsan 1 year ago said:

    I believe that some updates do not go for the following reason: he can not. the N8000 and others that are not updated should have some serious bug in the machine. Do not work properly with the latest Android. And engineers are incompetent. I think also that devices with low screen resolutions have priority in Samsung. It is the case of N8000 (10.1)

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  13. jackylim 1 year ago said:

    Samsung had forgot the galaxy tab 8.9LTE GT-P7320? I been waiting for so long…(Singapore)

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  14. pawanchopra 1 year ago said:

    are samsung update samsung galaxy tab 2 p3100 in india in
    4.2.2 and 4.3 and 4.4 ?

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  15. marianoreyna 1 year ago said:

    Note II in Argentina? PERSONAL?
    Samsung S IV was uploaded.

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  16. Dave8920 1 year ago said:

    TPA galaxy s3 i9300 has been forgotten? :(

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  17. halagore 1 year ago said:

    Hello..just wanna it all 4.3 update for s3 dont have light effect?? Thanx..

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