Samsung’s 110-inch Ultra HD TV goes on sale

A TV with a 105-inch screen is already one of the biggest you’ll see, but a couple of more inches of screen estate can never hurt, and as a result, Samsung has announced the world’s first 110-inch Ultra HD TV. The gigantic TV will be shown off at CES in January and is apparently going on sale starting today, in China, the Middle East, and a few European countries. There’s no word on price, but it should be priced somewhere north of $50,000, which would put it squarely out of the reach of most people’s budgets – unsurprising, considering it is aimed at the super high-end TV market.



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  1. I ain’t “super high-end TV market”, so I ain’t interested.

    • Yeah, what a-holes for featuring an article that isn’t perfectly alligned with your interests. You should demand satisfaction, and call for only articles about being a wanker.

  2. With all advantages of TV, it’s wiser to buy a projector with 10 times cheaper cost and get even 200″ screen.

    • Yes, those ultra large TVs have several disadvantages – extremley expensive, very high power consumption, and difficult to move around. So if you want a picture of that size at home, it is a good idea to buy a video projector.

      But there is probably a small market for it.

      • First the technologie used to power the tv isn’t so very high power consumption. If you take a projector you will never have the same scharpness of screen !

        • Yeah, projectors

          A.) Look like complete crap.
          B.) require a massive vacant white surface.
          C.) typically require a separate audio system, a necessity if you want audio that isn’t horrible.
          D.) are typically a pain in the ass to functionally transport (see B and C)
          E.) the word “projector” reminds me of those terrible lightbulb and magnifying glass metal contraptions they use in schools… I doubt they use them anymore, but 15 years ago they were all over. I believe they even made a low droning noise. Awful things, just awful.

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