Posted by Michael R. 10 months ago

[Deal] Galaxy Gear available for $240 on eBay US, includes free shipping


2 comments on “[Deal] Galaxy Gear available for $240 on eBay US, includes free shipping

  1. sguyx 10 months ago said:

    Who cares? Just got SW2 for a xmas gif, and all that because Samsung cant update “old” devices to A4.3 to get them work with theirnown accessories. Byebye Sammy, keep your incompatible swatch/devices. Sony is much cooler, elegant and classy anyway :p

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  2. El_Nino 10 months ago said:

    having owned a SW2 since it’s launch. got it for £120 where as samsung want £300?!?!? are you crazy? for a watch i have to charge everyday? at least my SW2 last a week!

    to be honest i wanted the TOQ but at $300 it’s out my price range. Sony updated their firmware which is nice and the applications.

    the note 3 is my last samsung product having owned the note 2, s3, s2 and the orignal s!
    oh how samsung have pissed me off with ways to “control” things.
    Region lock a phone? it doesn’t even work properly! activated with home sim, went on holiday to Tanzania, region lock doesn’t allow use!

    Samsung as just as bad as Apple!

    Now if only HTC add an microSD Card!!!!(and removeable battery)

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