Santa gave us 3 GALAXY Gears to GIVE AWAY!

Saw Samsung’s latest ad? The one with Santa? No? Check it out below!

And you know what? Santa was kind enough to give us 3 GALAXY Gears (colour black, gray) to give away to our awesome readers and followers. To get a chance to win one of the three smartwatches, you need to follow us on Twitter and send us the best photo you have of your Christmas lights, along with the hashtag #GALAXYGearXMAS. It’s that simple.

What can I do with the GALAXY Gear?

Samsung’s first real smartwatch is able to receive all kind of notifications. There is no need to check your smartphone for the latest notifications. Everything will be shown on your new GALAXY Gear. The Samsung GALAXY Gear makes your life easier and much more convenient. But this isn’t all. You even could take beautiful photo’s with the 1.9-megapixel camera and short HD videos. Remember all the cool stuff you saw in Knight Rider and all those Bond movies? Well, the GALAXY Gear makes some of that possible, including the ability to take phone calls!

The contest ends on December 18th 11:59 Amsterdam time, so be sure to send us your photos (remember, with the #GALAXYGearXMAS hashtag) before then. Oh, and don’t forget to thank Santa! CONTEST CLOSED

And the winners are:

camera mrs claus

Watches 42
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  1. Santa i want 1,

  2. I want this too!
    Realy nice.

  3. I want one too….please please please…I’ve been good all year.

  4. I’d love to win! i participated @NajiNow on Twitter.

  5. For those of us who choose NOT to use twatter, fakebook, etc, what about us? These contests are ridiculous making people use something they don’t want to. Social Media SUCKS!!! Its for people who don’t have a life. Allow the contest to everyone, regardless if the use twatter or not! its only fair right?

    • Right you are mate! i guess there are a handful of people who choose not to “rot” on social media sites simply wasting away our wondrous lives. (Y)

    I WANT ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Thank u for reading this message :)..

    See u soon Galaxy Gear……………………………………..

  7. Something told me to write. I’m sure you will not regret. Finally got something as a gift :))

  8. i never get a gift from others,can i get one please?

  9. I will very grateful If you can give me one for Christmas, God bless you.

  10. please santa geve one for christmas please!! thanks!!

  11. not for me beurk

  12. santa please give it to me, i want to try it on my Note 2 phone plsss……

  13. Why do I need this clock?
    Works only with Android 4.3.
    And that does not get my I9300.

    • why do u command this when there are other people who have android 4.3 like a s4 note 3 and all other devices with 4.3? its not like they offert you a watch its for the people who are intrested. + android 4.3 IS going to the gt-i9300 . the update is only availble in a few countrys others are still pending. so do some reaserch b4 u post a hater command like this

  14. It’s not fair for the people without Twitter!

    I don’t want to make a Tweeter account only for a giveaway.

    So unfair!

  15. Would be a great gift for my girl for Christmas. Hope I’ll win one. (I really, really hope the quality of Christmas lights don’t weight, as I tried my best, but they still suck.)

  16. i would love to have the Gear please Santa pick my picture @eltico40

  17. I want ONE!!!! :)

  18. i like it thanks for the offer

  19. me too,i want one!

  20. I want one pleeeeeaaase just got a note 2 :D that would be an amazing gif to me

  21. I too, would be very grateful if I was awarded one of these watches !
    Hoping I win !

  22. i want one too @stephsch23

  23. I want one please!!! :D Its amazing and beautiful and very smart! I love Samsung!! :D

  24. I used @iStevetalk twitter account

  25. I want one too santa!! Thank youuu

  26. I love you santa!!

  27. dear santa, i hope i could give something to my mom this christmas.. and thank you santa if you would grant my wih.. :) merry christmas..

  28. dear santa, i hope i could give something to my mom this christmas.. and thank you santa if you would grant my wish.. :) merry christmas..

  29. U GUYS & MY SANTA ROCKS! Well santa, I don’t want Mrs. Claus to put me on the naughty list for saying that! I/WE the readers appreciate SAMMOBILE SOOOO much THANK YOU ♥♡♥

  30. lo quiero, esta muy bueno..

  31. I want one too santa!! Thank youuu

  32. wow Awesome

  33. Santa please send to me ! :)

  34. I would definitely use this, once my Note II gets the update from Verizon’s slow updates

  35. santa can I have one too

  36. Thank you Santa!!!

  37. I want it for my note 3

  38. I hate fb….twitter…..why not on hangouts google+….after all we are all androids….so Santa Baby……want one…but i aint getting one…cause i aint using twitter…so be it!!!…… :-/

  39. Twittering Santa can go F’K himself. Don’t want one, if it means having to use wither FB or Twtr.

    No, I haven’t been a good boy!

  40. I gave in like three photos on Twitter, and you guys haven’t retweeted any of them, I’m getting worried that you haven’t seen them. I really want to win a Gear! :D I would be very grateful, I’ve been a Sammobile fan since 2010.

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